Riccarton Market

Hi can any one tell me please are roses still being sold out there on Sundays. Im looking for a hybrid tea white rose, just in case some one knows some where else I can get one. I've been looking for a while and only found one at Bunnings which is "Lena" but I don't want that one. Thanks.

donna_marie, Oct 11, 11:35 am

You could try Roses At Cust. They might have what you are looking for.

milo134, Oct 11, 3:31 pm

I got a rose at the market last Sunday. Did have white ones but not sure of the type.

sophie98, Oct 11, 8:11 pm

you could try South Pacific roses on Shands Rd. They are quite expensive, but good roses

cybernan2, Oct 11, 8:29 pm

South Pacific roses are good. or online -http://www.tbr.co.nz/default/-
rose-catalog.html - also quite a few roses still at Terra Viva last time I was there.

nickyd, Oct 11, 10:24 pm

sophie thanks got a beautiful white rose from there this morning.

donna_marie, Oct 12, 12:10 pm

South pacific sell roses at the Riccarton Market or did last year

firefrog, Oct 13, 11:32 am

Thats great the one I put in is looking great.

sophie98, Jan 19, 4:19 am

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