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likit, Jun 26, 9:33am
and still no frost here in Parklands, will we get one tomorrow?

jonners2013, Jun 26, 9:43am
you haven't had any frost in the last week?

likit, Jun 26, 9:45am
Last Friday we did

lucky.gadgets, Jun 26, 10:23am
Depends where you live, the temperature station is at the airport. Its often colder there than in town. It varies greatly. FYI we've had frost every morning this week.

mm12345, Jun 26, 10:24am
It's much warmer in Eastern Suburbs and Port Hills on still nights.
9 degrees colder in Chch at the moment:

robyn35, Jun 26, 7:12pm
You must have had the frost on tuesday morning, Im pretty close to Parklands and the frost on Tuesday was very heavy and the roads were like ice

blb71, Jun 26, 8:10pm
Metservice is saying that it is -2 in the city and 8 degrees in the eastern suburbs. A big difference. I just walked my son to the bus stop and there is a mild frost here in the east now.

likit, Jun 26, 8:36pm
No nothing, my 3 sons didn't have to defrost their windscreens, first one left home at 5.30am, next at 7.00am & last one at 8.00am. I was up at 6.30am went out & got paper & lawn was green. This morning there was a frost, -3 here.

gaspodetwd, Jun 26, 8:48pm
Yes we have been so lucky not to have many frosts this year. I love the way we that we are considerably warmer than the rest of the city. Others complain about 'the awful easterly' but we don't find a problem with something that keeps us warmer in winter and protects us from the polluted air all year round. Plus we never really find there is much of a stork g easterly unless the rest of they City has it too.

Today is about our 4th frost of the year.

dogbond, Jun 26, 9:10pm
Minus 5 again here this morning, frozen water pipes again.

fordy1110, Jun 26, 10:13pm
Im on pinewood ave just off bower or beach road. And we had a frost on tuesday it was pretty bad as my partner went to help a man off the ground then he slipped also and he was in his steel cap boots. my car still frozen at 10.40am and I had trouble getting the key in to let me in. Today is also frosty.
I was sent a face book thing yesterday about spraying vinegar and water onto the windows of the car to stop them freezing or to help it come off. Would that really work? I haven't tried it as I don't have any vinegar.

harrislucinda, Jun 26, 10:18pm
just because you don't get a frost you are lucky the weather doesn't just state Parklands its general
we had 7 inches of snow but further down the road nothing

treecave, Jun 27, 12:38am
and you are complaining. jeez I would be grateful.

stillwaters, Jun 27, 6:20am
Had lots of bad frosts in rangiora, water refreezes almost as soon as it goes on the windscreen. lovely days to follow though

kiwicarol, Jun 27, 6:30am
I live in Parklands and there has def been heavy frosts the past 3-4 mornings.

jinny2, Jun 27, 9:30am
I live in Parklands and on Tuesday there was a wicked frost, windows froze over after pouring water on them, couldn't even open the car door to begin with and that was at 8.30am.

jessebird, Jun 28, 2:20am
Heaps had Frost in Parklands all week.

craftylady1, Jun 28, 2:58am
Feeling like today it hasn't even defrosted even though the sun has bee out.

Went out this morning and the car doors were frozen shut, and couldn't get the window down. lol

robyn35, Jun 28, 3:43am
where about in Parklands are you? cause you must be one of the only places around that didnt have a frost on tuesday, when i drove down Queenspark Drive about 10am there was still frost around in places

rasin11, Jun 28, 6:43am
I live in Parklands too and don't know what was happening at my place if it wasn't a frost every day and ??

tygertung, Jun 28, 7:54am
I would recomend against using vinegar as it contains acetic acid which would tend to promote corrosion on metal parts of your car.

jessie981, Jun 28, 8:02am
Freezing tonight. temp in lounge 21.5 & still feels cold!

jessebird, Jun 28, 9:20am
I wouldn,t mind 21.5 my house is 10deg.

likit, Jun 29, 4:24am
When my temp gauge doesn't go below 0, my lawn is green, no ice on our cars that constitutes no frost to me, our street must be blessed, we live off Forest Dr.

corkranb, Jun 29, 4:45am
I as there the other Tuesday and went into the forest off Forest Drive and there was frost for Africa. You cannot bullshit a bull shitter.

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