Fastest way to drive to Montreal/St Asaph corner

klc1, Jun 30, 7:09am
I've got to get to Honda Cars on the cnr of Montreal and St Asaph at 8.30am Tuesday (tomorrow) . what would be the best way (I'm coming in from Shirley).

jamesnmatt, Jun 30, 7:11am
go tonight and park up with a sleeping bag - it will be abysmal trying to get there in the morning LOL

robyn35, Jun 30, 7:11am
easiest is probably Fitzgerald up to St Asaph, not sure what the travel times are like at that time of the morning now though because i no longer go through there

tygertung, Jun 30, 8:25am
Would be best to cycle then you can just chuck your bicycle into the back of your new Honda! No traffic issues that way.

astrophe, Jul 2, 5:56am
I'd just take Bealey to Durham, and then a right at St Asaph.

Assuming you still can. They're changing the one-way stuff a lot lately.

macrubble, Jul 2, 6:21am
If your going to drop your car off for a service why not leave early they are there from about 7 am.

robyn35, Jul 2, 6:32am
Durham Streert is terrible in the mornings, last week it was taking about 45 minutes to get from Bealey to Moorehouse

essendon_bomber, Jul 2, 8:45am
this would be my pick.

ozz1, Feb 22, 3:42pm
too late.

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