Gracefield Ave-old pathway to Chc Women's hospital

sumstyle, Sep 23, 4:48am
Hi all, does anyone remember a pathway that ran from Gracefield Ave to the hospital site? My memory is vague, but of perhaps grass, and a pedestrian gate at the hospital end?

karmarh, Sep 24, 5:02am
Yep. Remember it well. It was one of two

sumstyle, Sep 24, 5:41am
Thanks karmah, I wondered if I had my memory wrong :-)

vivienney, Sep 30, 6:30am
Possibly on 40 or 42 Gracefield Ave, both which were owned by the CDHB for future access to site if required.

sumstyle, Sep 30, 7:29am
Yes, that would make sense - a path from a staff residence to the hospital.

Thanks vivienne.

doggybear, Oct 1, 12:09am

sumstyle, Oct 1, 1:31am
Wow, doggybear - thanks for that!

sumstyle, Oct 1, 7:43pm
Hey again, doggybear - do you know what era that aerial shot was taken, by any chance?

doggybear, Mar 8, 1:17pm
1973 Today the pathway still looks visible but looks to be now a driveway to a house.

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