Missing Dog - Grey Hound - Avonhead Area

deb1002, Mar 4, 1:43am
Posting this on behalf of a friend at work.

Junior is a large Grey Hound and he went missing this afternoon from his home this afternoon around 1.30pm when a workman let him out by accident.

Junior doesn't have a collar on but he is microchipped.

He lives on Avonhead Rd beside the Avonhead Tavern

If you are in the Avonhead area and see Junior can you please call Kylie on 021-811302.

I have a picture of Junior but I am not sure how to load it onto the message board.

deb1002, Mar 4, 1:51am
Update: Junior has been found thanks

melcraig, Jan 8, 10:54pm
Oh phew! That's a relief!

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