Pak n Save Rangiora

Any one been to the new PnS Rangiora today (opening day)? Any good specials?

rachjase, Sep 10, 3:38 pm

Go have a look

bosch2006, Sep 10, 3:49 pm

was there first thing this morning. Nice shop and they had heaps of Lewis Rd flavoured milk. Bonus!

mccat, Sep 10, 5:25 pm

Nup nothing exciting whatsoever.
just another scody old pak n save.

buzzy86, Sep 11, 11:35 am

Will be interesting to see how it goes, the manager used to run our local New World which was not great, it closed up a few months ago and become a Four Square.

lmbyas, Sep 11, 5:04 pm

At least it's more choice for people living in what used to be a rural town.

samanya, Sep 11, 8:51 pm

still is

dottyone1, Sep 11, 9:03 pm

Ya reckon?

samanya, Sep 11, 9:25 pm

Went there tonight and loved it. Fantastic meat specials, wide aisles, light and airy, a great range of products (except my treat- dutch licorice, or I may have missed it), easy parking ?? and three minutes from home by car!
Now we do not have to drive to Northlands! Bonus.

kiwitel, Sep 12, 6:34 pm

I love it too, huge range of items, really warm, great specials and friendly staff.

onzy, Sep 12, 7:41 pm

Do you have to pay for bags at other Pak n saves

julie28, Sep 12, 8:26 pm

Yes, 10cents each bag.

onzy, Sep 12, 11:08 pm

Use own bags. Stronger and no waste.

kiwitel, Sep 13, 4:36 am

Only 5 Cents this morning for a bag

martin11, Sep 13, 11:49 am

I cant see the small countdown lasting much longer

bosch2006, Sep 13, 12:58 pm

I have only ever paid 5cents a bag at any P&Save in CHCH

kids4ever, Sep 13, 2:03 pm

Keep going to P&S everyone as it was great to get served so quickly at NW. Plenty of parks to choose from too.

kacy5, Sep 13, 8:12 pm

It will stay open until the lease expires

helene31, Sep 13, 8:18 pm

Whoops i must have that bag price wrong, it must have been 5cents not 10.
Sorry about that peeps.

onzy, Sep 13, 9:33 pm

Thought it was a lovely store but will the standards remain that high in the following weeks will be interesting to see still love my old countdown quick and easy to shop and lovely staff they make the store to me

southbrook1, Sep 13, 9:37 pm

gone off pak-n-save & will now be shopping countdown etc. watch you till receipts as they are being scanned people.

urbanrefugee54, Sep 13, 9:55 pm

what do you mean by scanned?

iced_coffee, Sep 16, 5:34 pm

Loved it ,great shop ,nice wide isles ,won't be shopping countdown kaiapoi anymore.Great specials aswell ,its worth the 10 min drive from kaiapoi.

1973cb, Sep 18, 4:09 pm

Love it, great specials, great shopping will be back for sure

melford, Sep 18, 4:56 pm

you keep going to nw you like being ripped off huh

bosch2006, Sep 30, 3:51 pm

For all I need to buy I would spend more in petrol getting to Southbrook than what I would save.

kacy5, Sep 30, 5:33 pm

Haaa same here. Easy parking.
They have to up their 'specials' to grab their customers back!
I went to P & S once & it was OK . but pleased to go back to NW & CD.
Might poke my nose in to P & S again . but not on a regular basis.

samanya, Sep 30, 6:08 pm

That's the great thing ?? we have plenty of choice! Everyone can go to the supermarket/s that suit them.
Does anyone know what is being built opposite the library/ next to the bakery? What is going on the warehouse site? There seems to be a lot of building/ planned building but I never can find out what is being built.
Great Farmers is started and new shops on the main street.
Anyone know what else is planned for Rangiora?
Twenty questions this morning.

kiwitel, Oct 1, 7:16 am

New fire station just tempory where they are now .Rangiora is looking good.

chris1joy, Oct 1, 7:45 am

I believe the Warehouse is extending

rachjase, Oct 1, 8:50 am

I remember the days when it was just NW and the little SV at the back of farmers, good times.

eionflux, Oct 1, 9:55 am

kids4ever wrote:
I have only ever paid 5cents a bag at any P&Save in CHCH[/

You PAY for plastic bags?.

lilyfield, Oct 1, 11:24 am

One of the staff told me that, too.

samanya, Oct 1, 11:32 am

I remember that too and before that a little Keystore on Ashley Street. I also remember catching the train to work in ChCh.

kacy5, Oct 1, 6:41 pm

& 6 - 8 stock & station agents up high st!

samanya, Oct 1, 7:44 pm

Which one?

kyle0703, Oct 3, 10:35 am

New World definitely taking a big hit now. Unfortunately it seems to be producing a certain grumpiness among some of the middle-management.

Perhaps they had started to think they were terribly important people, having experienced a boom for the last 2 or 3 years which was largely as a result of a natural disaster rather then because they were doing anything particularly well

Nothing like a good dose of reality (and a big drop in turnover) to test the [fake] smiles to see if they are just veneers

tall_order, Oct 3, 7:54 pm

It's only there till the lease runs out and so nobody else can take that lease

tall_order, Oct 3, 7:57 pm

they will keep specials going to get you into the store, then up they will go

kids4ever, Oct 5, 4:51 am

people will go back to where they usually shop, so hang in there NewWorld , they'll be crawling back soon

kids4ever, Oct 5, 4:54 am

Do you not remember the Keystore?
Or even the wee shop owned by Mr Cuisak ? Spelling down by Stephen street?

mikew, Oct 5, 7:42 am

I don't think I'm old enough ;)

eionflux, Feb 22, 3:42 am

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