Rangiora- carpet cleaners

Hi- does anybody know of a company that does a great job cleaning carpets in the Rangiora area? There is bound to be a difference in how good a company actually cleans the carpet. Thanks.

kiwitel, Aug 31, 9:06 am

I hope someone lets you know as I need one too.

kacy5, Aug 31, 9:41 am

Wish I knew the person who cleaned the carpet at our house two days before we moved in, somebody from Rangiora, did a rubbish job!

dogbond, Aug 31, 9:49 am

Thats what I want to avoid- I want one that does a great job. Mums little dog made a few (possibly a lot! ) of mistakes when being toilet trained and now she has moved out of her place I can smell it.

kiwitel, Aug 31, 11:06 am

Maybe they hired a machine and did it themselves. That's why I want a recommendation for a professional so it is a decent job.

kacy5, Aug 31, 11:11 am

No they definitely got somebody in. All I know was it was a rather large male ( judgeing by the size of the XXXXL jersey he left behind), and lazy to boot. He emptied the dirty dog haired filled water onto the bush growing by the front door, carpet didnt even smell clean, more like wet dog, and was still soaking wet when we were moving in, as he turned up two days late to clean the by now empty house. And he didnt drop off the key to the RE agent in Rangiora like he was meant to, so on moving day we had to run around trying to find the lazy twat.

dogbond, Aug 31, 11:32 am

That made me laugh---the size of the jersey but I don't want to see him walking in here. Can I ask anyone I contact if they have lost an XXXXL jersey on one of their jobs or how much they weigh? I might ask a carpet firm who they use in a few weeks when I want it cleaned, they should know of someone who does a decent job.

kacy5, Aug 31, 4:20 pm

Try this company http://www.aaklandcommercial.co.nz

The son of the father son team lives in Rangiora.

shakirafan, Aug 31, 5:49 pm

Cavendish carpet cleaning did mine an it was a fantastic job

southbrook1, Aug 31, 8:06 pm

southbrook1 wrote:
Cavendish carpet cleaning did mine an it was a fantastic job[/quote
agree id use Cavendish if you want a local one.]

annekeandjo, Aug 31, 9:58 pm

Thanks, I will give Cavendish a call.

kiwitel, Sep 1, 5:53 am

We used Busy bees from Amberley for our house a few years ago , a more recently ABC carpet cleaners for our rental in Kaiapoi. Both did a good job.

andy61, Jun 19, 4:25 am

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