Nice roast dinner recommendations?

Hey there CHCH peps,
Where is a nice place to take the mrs for dinner tonight?
We are keen for a good old school roast.
Have been told herewood tavern is good but they are booked out.


tom9, Aug 7, 4:32 pm

RSA Armagh St Roast of The Day $17.50

jessie981, Aug 7, 5:05 pm

Robbies, any working mens clubs, Hornby club good

kids4ever, Aug 7, 5:10 pm

Buns bakery ferry road

stojo, Aug 7, 6:08 pm

Surprise the 'mrs . grab a bit of a roast & cook it yourself . she'll be way more impressed. & It's so simple . & you'll be much more in favour!. ;o)

samanya, Aug 7, 8:49 pm

Roast Tuesday night. Group had a meal tonight, was o.k

jessie981, Aug 7, 9:25 pm

Bit late now to recommend but The Fitz does great roasts for $14.50! Lamb or pork is the norm depending on the day.

mss2006, Aug 7, 9:34 pm

Only on Tuesdays. Their other meals are expensive.
The Papanui RSA is cheaper - $13 roasts every day.

paulmc, Aug 8, 1:27 am

next time think of the racecourse hotel, cheaper if you are on a pension I think its about $15.00

slimgym, Aug 8, 7:49 am

Agree not cheap! Paying for new building maybe!

jessie981, Aug 8, 9:16 am

Pomeroys on Kilmore do fantastic $20 roasts

jon9, Sep 23, 3:21 am

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