Arts Festival Luminarium in Square

paulmc, Sep 13, 5:49am
The queue was one and a half hours long at 1.30 this afternoon so went away and came back at 3 pm and it was 2 hours long so gave up. Very disappointing! That is an unreasonable time to have to wait. There was apparently no time limit for being inside. They should have let in a certain number at a time for a limited time and then let the next lot in. Would have pre-boooked tickets if I had known it would be that bad. Rant over!

articferrit, Sep 13, 7:44am
Snap, exact same problem, oh well.

jonners2013, Sep 13, 8:19am
Fantastic that it was well utilised! Shame you missed out but i guess that happens.

schnauzer11, May 18, 3:33pm
Poster, and fellow-Cantabrian, I'm intrigued by your user-name.We'll overlook the 'ferrit', but is the "artic" part of your name an intentional mis-spell, or an indication of your talents?

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