Ccc bin collection

morgsrocks, Sep 8, 6:44am

granny98, Sep 8, 11:15am
Thank you, we were wondering why our bins weren't collected today

nightsky1, Sep 8, 12:42pm
The roads were full of bins blown about in the wind today - what a mess

astrophe, Sep 8, 7:02pm
Bear in mind it's Waste Management staff, not CCC staff, to blame here.

jonners2013, Sep 8, 7:16pm
Or is it the union to blame?

vic008, Sep 8, 8:06pm
Waste Management- known around the world

astrophe, Sep 8, 8:11pm
Yes well .

Not the city council itself, anyway. :)

(WM do Waimak and Selwyn too, so it's not even just a Christchurch City issue).

fineo, Sep 8, 8:30pm
Waste Management was a world wide company.
In the 90s the yanks off the New Zealand and Australian companies,
The N Z company was brought by a group of NZ money men.
I worked under both the Yanks ,and the NZ group ,both where great employers .
It was then brought out just about the same time they picked up the CCC contract by an Aussie family group,and became not so employee friendly
Then in the last couple of years when the Aussies had financial problems it was sold again .
Its now owned by a Chines company.

fineo, Sep 9, 12:01am
Actually they have very little contact with the customer,and are among the best paid group of drivers around.
But good on them for trying for trying for penalty payments.
Flat rate pay should never have been brought in, in the first place.

melonhead1, Sep 9, 12:05am
Fair enough. Everyone likes to be paid properly in their job.

fineo, Sep 9, 12:35am
Thanks for your input,
And as an ex driver of W/M I am perfectly aware of what they have to do.
As i say good on them for pushing for an increase and more importantly,for penalty rates.

artemis, Sep 9, 1:24am
Supposed to be a shortage of truck drivers. If drivers leave a company in numbers for other jobs the employer will soon change the terms of employment.

To say workers 'deserve more' is meaningless.

artemis, Sep 9, 3:05am
A lot of businesses would be closing down if (say) the minimum wage was increased by 25%. Or alternatively more jobs would be automated as the breakeven point was reached. Automation is rapidly becoming cheaper and more widespread. Either way, jobs are lost.

I don't know how bin collection works in Christchurch. But I have family in Australia in a town where the trucks and bins are magnetised and the bins are untouched by human hand.

About the shortage of truckies - this is reported from time to time in the media, usually in the context of companies bringing in overseas drivers to fill vacancies.

morgsrocks, Sep 9, 4:21am
gd pt my bad

sw20, Sep 9, 7:38am
Another poorly written Stuff article without the basic facts from both sides.

morgsrocks, Sep 9, 5:04pm

artemis, Sep 10, 4:53am
In Wellington the collector has to hook the bins manually on the truck, then remove them and put them back on the footpath.

The Oz ones, the driver stops by the bin and the rest is automatic. May be different in Christchurch.

sparkyz, Sep 10, 5:31am
Chch has a three wheelie bin system.
Green - organics.
Yellow - recycling.
Red - rubbish.
Green is picked up every week. Yellow and red are collected on alternate weeks, ie green/red this week and green/yellow next week. The system works very well.

Bins are picked up by a truck with a side lifter. The driver doesn't have to get out of the cab unless the bin is blocked by a parked car or similar. In some streets he will be in and out of the cab all the time. Other streets he will be able to stay in the cab for most bins.

Driver has to have his wits about him all the time. Has to line up the bin, check on monitor screen to see what is going into the truck, watch for parked cars, watch for cars and cyclists as he moves from bin to bin, look for bins hidden behind cars. Not the easiest driving job out there.

ttaotua1, Sep 10, 8:04am
Mine got empty at the usual time

xxsaffyxx, Sep 10, 8:29am
Mine were left full about 3 weeks ago. Neighbours weren't emptied either, as I checked theirs in case I'd been late or something. No note left on our bins to explain why there was no pickup. Even left them out for another couple of days thinking they'd had a break down or something. Now they announce strike action after all this time., Sep 10, 8:45pm
If they didn't come to empty them why would they come and leave you a note?

xxsaffyxx, Sep 11, 9:55am
I thought I saw an article on Stuff, where they had left notes to explain the protest, hence my thinking.

eionflux, May 22, 2:13pm
My red one was collected but green wasn't, now I know why!

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