Building setbacks.

stephent18, Aug 15, 10:57pm
Has anyone else had problems with building spec homes. We have had so many set backs with building our home. Move in date was the 22nd July moved back to 26 th july. Now they are saying they cannot give us a move in date. Waited 3 weeks for tiler. They kept promising us that they would be there. Then 3 weeks later when he did arrive and really got stuck into to it that pleased us it was going well. He left saying they ran out of tiles. Who does this. Not ordering enough tiles. Now we are waiting for them to arrive from Auckland. Grrrrrr

stephent18, Aug 15, 11:10pm
I mean our home not spec home.

survivalkiwi, Aug 18, 5:49am
My house was started in Febuary. We are living in an uninsulated shed during the build. But we do have a log burner.
We thought we would be in by the end of may. We are still a month away.
I blame the builder.

I am the builder.

sw20, Aug 11, 2:34pm
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