Any electricians out there please?, Jul 26, 8:38pm
I have a technical question for you - one of my sockets keeps popping the fuse when I put a tumble dryer into it. I switched dryers, so I know it is not the dryer doing it. When I checked it is only a 6A fuse, and it already runs at least the fridge/freezer as that goes off when the fuse pops out. Can I safely replace the fuse with a bigger one, or do I need to find a socket on my house circuit that will take a bigger load? Hope that makes sense? Hope there is an electrician out there. :-)

woodhouse_elect, Jul 26, 8:56pm
Someone has possibly put the lighting fuse in the wrong position, Jul 26, 9:24pm
On the fuse box it says heating, but it is actually the kitchen sockets. I just don't know how safe it is to upsize the ampage on the fuse.

ryanm2, Jul 26, 10:06pm
As Mr Woodhouse has said - sounds like a lighting fuse on a power circuit. Have you recently had work done? If so, get them back., Jul 26, 10:30pm
No, I have been here 7 years and haven't had work done for years. I am just trying to run a new tumble dryer on that circuit and it keeps popping the fuse.

dannyboy24, Jul 27, 1:15am
Get a Sparky round.

flush3, Jul 27, 1:51am
Hi, I would recommend getting the circuit and machine checked encase of untoward things going on. Don't risk it, PowerPro Ltd, 0211634533, Jul 27, 2:41am
Thank you, my Son has a mate who is a qualified electrician so I will ask him to check it out. Cheers.

tillsbury, Nov 6, 2:41pm
Get them round. Definitely don't up-rate a fuse. Very illegal and very dangerous.

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