Has any one ben to ST Kilda's hot water salt pools

bandit101, Jul 10, 9:16am
I see the council want to spend valuable money on hot salt water pools in New Brighton. Is this a good idea or are we grasping at straws.
Love to hear your opinion?

lambrat, Jul 10, 10:03am
yes, they're great, they'd be a significant asset, even though i hate the thought of how much they'd cost.

wazza28, Jul 13, 6:52am
They are at St Clair. And you wouldn't catch me there - too freezing!

corkranb, Jul 13, 8:36am
AS long as the pools are indoors it will be a great asset. With the recently announced 47, 3 storey apartments going on the former Esplanarde site it will be a huge boost for New Brighton.
Call me an idiot if you like but anywhere else near the sea side New Brighton, land would cost a premium. I have heard all the negativity about the cold easterlys and that all us Easterners being knuckle draggers but I am in my mid 50's and before I part this earth I would like to see New Brighton back as the ritzy area to be. I believe it will be.

kerry22, Jul 13, 8:50am
Are you sure it's valuable money they are wanting to spend, or just normal money?
Is the money any more valuable than the councils investment in the other pools around the city? The west side of the city, that is.

lambrat, Jul 13, 9:00am
couldn't possibly call you an idiot, am same age and have same thoughts.
first time i went to new brighton i was pretty surprised it looked so low socio-economic, and thought it'd be the place to buy, that it'd be pumping inside 20 years. that was the mid 80s and i was a freshie from auckland where waterfront is premium . LOL !
would really love to see it looking a bit tidier, without driving up land prices astronomically.

tygertung, Jul 17, 9:04am
It may cost quite a lot to heat the water?

bandit101, Jul 18, 6:51am
Could they heat using methane gas from the ponds

corkranb, Jul 18, 7:37am
QE11 park was heated via the methane gas from the nearby landfill at the Burwood plantation.

evergreene, Jul 18, 9:57pm
The St Clair pool is fantastic and in a great location - but we read the history of it when we visited and it has only barely survived and has needed huge amounts of money pumped in to it to keep it open. And it is in an area on the up!
Not sure I would make the trip out there often.
And don't forget they said the same things about the pier and what an awful place that is!

likit, Dec 21, 2:25pm
I'm a local & think it is great for NB, my only concern is that some of the low lifes that live over here will use it for their monthly bath.As the op above said the Pier has been ruined & I feel this same group of people will have the same impact on the Pools

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