$20 Million for a new playground!

just read on stuff website that we are getting a new playground in the center of the city,
Its going to be named after Margaret Mahy and expected to be finished by xmas.
Lot of money for a kids playground im sure that sort of money could be spent on getting our roads, schools and health system back on track
( not too sure who is paying for it maybe us rate payers ? )

brokebloke1, Jul 20, 8:05 pm

Thats old news

cassina1, Jul 20, 8:30 pm

More than 20 million I thought and considering that there is expected to be couple more thousand people living on the fringe of the city it will be utilised I guess.

rollydog1, Jul 20, 8:31 pm

Well if its as lovely as that one in the middle of Sydney I think its great. Look at the use made of that big skate park, its fantastic, we need more things like this.

tomber, Jul 20, 9:11 pm

Any new dog parks in the plan?

aphra1, Jul 20, 9:26 pm

So many dog parks already. How about a cat park? It's racist

kerry22, Jul 20, 9:39 pm


datoofairy, Jul 20, 9:52 pm

would love to see a decent one somewhere along the river redzone. cheap, and well overdue, considering around here theres only that terrible little one in new brighton.

ps. i have two cats, exempts me from being tagged as catist, lol

pps. as for the appallingly expensive playground. at least that will leave the botanic gardens childrens play area less congested in summer! (oh wait, which one will have the biggest carpark. )

lambrat, Jul 20, 10:04 pm

So many? The Groynes, the top of Cashmere and a very basic and small one in Shirley. There may other small areas but none that service the city and surrounds.

aphra1, Jul 21, 12:18 am

What about a swimming pool for Hornby area, We haven't had one since sockburn closed, Hope the CCC is looking at opening a school pool like they have done in Brighton. Branston school pool is still there,

slimgym, Jul 21, 5:17 am

The druken jungle gym.

bosch2006, Jul 21, 8:37 am

At least this extravagance will bring thousands of tourists to the city to fill our hotels & spend up large during their stay, unlike the stadium.

likit, Jul 21, 9:13 am

Totally is. I also see washing stations for dogs here and there now. Never see them for cats. Its so sexist. It excludes cat ladies.

zoopa, Dec 8, 4:43 am

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