I hate being ripped off !

I called into the local fish monger and bought some fish, just a fraction over a kilo, so I get home and weigh it on my kitchen scales and low and behold it's 100 grams under a kilo. So to check my scales are correct I weigh some butter and it's accurate.
I'm really irate because I go to this guy every week to buy fish and it's always fresh. What do I do as he's ripping people off !

seanpenn, Aug 15, 6:40 pm

Which fishmonger mate? Name and shame! I sense something fishy is afoot. has he no "sole?" . i hope his business "flounders". he deserves to go for a "skate". are you sure he understood your order properly? He may have been hard of "herring". i have more.

dannyboy24, Aug 15, 7:30 pm

Take your block of butter into him and test his then go from there

lee289, Aug 15, 7:31 pm

Without naming him as such, he's located in Sydenham on a major street that's quite long! It's the principle of the matter which bugs me!

seanpenn, Aug 15, 8:49 pm

did you include the weight of the container?

stojo, Aug 15, 9:03 pm

Did you include the dehydration factor between the time he took it off his ice till the time you got home?

digga7, Aug 15, 9:43 pm

I don't know what you mean by the dehydration factor. A bag of fish doesn't change in weight from the time he weighs it till I weigh it 5 mins later.

seanpenn, Aug 16, 9:06 am

I had thought that any scales used to sell goods had to be calibrated & have a metal tag on them saying when they were last. isn't it Ministry of Primary Industries you contact?

urbanrefugee54, Aug 16, 9:09 am

100g less to every customer. nice little earner for him by the end of the day. what a scam. wouldn't do anything this time. could be a mistake but if it happens again I would say or do something

treecave, Aug 16, 9:15 am

His scales are right, yours are wrong.

captaingraham, Aug 16, 9:47 am

My wife and I often shop at the fishmonger opposite the funky pumpkin on Colombo street. I hope he gets his scales calibrated soon!

tygertung, Aug 16, 12:36 pm

Yep-we only ever buy fish from What a Catch in Wordsworth. Fresh off the boats, and an amazing selection.I avoid the shop you speak of.

schnauzer11, Aug 16, 1:07 pm

"What you do" is take that same block of butter in to him and see what his scales read. And whether they have or have not been calibrated recently, but are reading incorrectly 10%ish high still, I would simply say that he needs to give you a reasonable quantity of fish at no charge to "cover" for the previous times that you have also probably been short-sold.
Asking for this (in a pleasant enough way) & telling him that you will be checking next time also to check things are now correct should get things sorted.

gman35, Aug 16, 1:21 pm


jcmp21, Aug 16, 1:26 pm

So if I only want some fish weighing 100g or less I assume it would be free from this vendor?

mss2006, Aug 16, 3:14 pm

fineo, Aug 16, 5:23 pm

There's no "Plaice" for this sort of ratbaggery in the fishmongering industry .

dannyboy24, Aug 17, 10:25 am

This could be occurring on a larger "scale" than we know

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:27 am

Then again, he may not have done it on "porpoise"

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:30 am

OH MY COD!. well at least he's not accused of being a grouper

coffeeone, Aug 17, 11:54 am

I can see how someone could be a little green around the "gills" after finding out they have been ripped off.

jcmp21, Aug 17, 11:57 am

Shoulda been more vigilant. as they say "caviar emptor".

dannyboy24, Aug 17, 12:14 pm

I'm sure if you confront him all that will happen is he will get "crabby" and the case against him will "flounder" as the scales could be fixed as soon as he is aware they're attempting to "reel him in"

jcmp21, Aug 17, 12:43 pm

sounds like the guy is a real shark.

jonners2013, Aug 17, 4:05 pm

If word gets out about this, this guys shop would be "fin"ished

jcmp21, Aug 17, 4:24 pm

He has no morals. ripping Joe public off just for the "halibut".

dannyboy24, Aug 17, 4:45 pm

What sort of fish was it

bosch2006, Aug 17, 4:50 pm

Get the slippery eel - run a steak-out from the butcher shop next door.

mm12345, Aug 17, 4:51 pm

I think you should scale back your tone a bit
going hook , line and sinker could net you zero
best to weigh up the situation before casting any nets

flagheaven, Aug 17, 4:58 pm

Let's just hope he "seas" the error in his "weighs".

jcmp21, Aug 17, 5:04 pm


dannyboy24, Aug 17, 5:50 pm

A "wave" of guilt will "wash" over him "foreshore"

jcmp21, Aug 17, 6:07 pm

If you weigh a litre of water it should be exactly 1 kilogram. If it isn't you know your scales are out.

tygertung, Aug 17, 9:30 pm

The guy could simply "clam" up should he be confronted.

jcmp21, Aug 17, 9:45 pm

He is trying to mussel you out of a few bucks. The depth some people sink to is unbelievable.

jonners2013, Aug 17, 10:29 pm

OP and the fishmonger will be arch anemones for life after this.

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:31 pm

I remember this from my "school" days.

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:33 pm

You could confront him about it, but I don't reckon he will listen atoll

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:34 pm

I think I know him. Is his name Ray?

jonners2013, Aug 17, 10:36 pm

"Crumbs", this thread is rally taking a "battering" with all these puns.

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:40 pm

Does anyone else warehou people can get away with this kind of thing?

jcmp21, Aug 17, 10:42 pm

I bet OP was like a stunned "mullet" when they came in here and saw someone decided to "fillet" with puns

jcmp21, Aug 18, 6:38 am

Yes he will have to mullet" over. (i realize i lose a point for the mullet re-hash so soon but its early)

dannyboy24, Aug 18, 6:47 am

Still counts, was used in a different context.

jcmp21, Aug 18, 6:53 am

As the young folk would say, this thread is getting a little "cray cray".

drcjp, Aug 18, 7:49 am

Im losing sleep over this. Fishmonger is ripping us all just to save a few "squid". we need to "tackle" the problem , stand up and take the "paua"(power) back.

dannyboy24, Aug 18, 8:19 am


dannyboy24, Aug 14, 4:27 am

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