Things that make you bleat

corkranb, Jul 4, 8:08pm
The bleat bleat who designed the stupid parking bays at New Brighton mall with the big square concrete bollards. Almost impossible to back or drive into. Why not simple angular bleat bleat parking.
The bleat bleat who design exits out of garages, businesses and shopping centres that do not have clearly defined RH turning lane so not to hold up all the bleat bleat people simply wanting to turn left.
The bleat bleat people who take up two lanes when wanting to turn right and blocking the bleat bleat people wanting to turn left.
Women who que up at eftpos machines or counters then don't have their cards ready. They dig into their bleat bleat handbags and search for their bleat bleat wallet. Then when finished stand there and bleat bleat do the whole process in reverses before moving on. BLEAT BLEAT :-)

mbos, Jul 4, 10:48pm
Crikey. Oh well. If these are your biggest bleats in life, you're doing all bleating right, I guess!

lambrat, Jul 4, 11:05pm
lol, these bleats are not chch-specific are they . so, i dare you to post this in general, where you're more likely to start a flame war !

craftylady1, Jul 5, 2:35am
Maybe Parenting might be better.

Then there are people who bleat at bleaters.

corkranb, Jul 5, 3:16am
Just trying to bring some bleat bleat life into the message board :-)

ozz1, Jul 5, 3:26am

slimgym, Jul 5, 4:02am
people who realize they are in the wrong lane, stop hold up traffic till they get into the lane they should have been in the first place

das.newzealand, Jul 5, 11:42am
Who the bleat bleat would step foot in New Brighton let alone take a car all the way over there.

huia991, Jul 5, 12:18pm
Bleat, bleating people who bleat, bleat Brighton !

samargh, Jul 5, 12:48pm
No just women but meh. As for "do the whole process in 'reverses before moving on'. Ummmm, isn't that what banks recommend? That you put your withdrawn funds and card away securely BEFORE leaving the machine?

paulmc, Jul 5, 2:08pm
People who don't let one car in front when 2 lanes merge into one.

paulmc, Jul 5, 2:11pm
A Christchurch one - people who don't indicate when turning right coming out of Northlands onto the Main North Road. There is a street opposite and people coming out from there need to know what you are doing!

stillwaters, Jul 5, 10:05pm
Try living in Rangiora, people here don't realize you stand BEHIND someone in a queue. they line up at the ATM down the far edge of the footpath. They insist on leaving about six feet between themselves and the person in front whether its the bakery the ATM or the warehouse. Bleat bleat bleat.
And don't even get me started on how they will stop to let you across the road at the new roundabout by the warehouse. as they are coming OUT of the roundabout. causing some major lineups behind

zoopa, Jul 5, 11:03pm
Pfff, small town personal space. 6ft. City personal space. 60cm. overpopulated country personal space. 6mm.

bosch2006, Jul 7, 3:55am
Fk wits at gas stations

dogbond, Feb 11, 1:40pm
Especially those who can see it is very busy, but still go inside, order a coffee, mooch around the store.

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