Repairs/rental question

vintage_betty, May 8, 7:46pm
Have rented property for nearly 10 years and 4 of them have been while the flat has been very badly damaged. We have had the same rent for all that time which is pretty much unheard of but the landlord liked us and he also said while it was so damaged he wouldn't put the rent up despite the property managed urging him to! Anyways. looks like our repairs are FINALLY happening. My property manager said the usual method is to terminate our tenancy for that time (rough estimation of 5-6 months) and then we get first dibs at the property and sign a new lease etc. We are fully expecting a rent increase which is fine, but are not keen on doing it this way. She said it is to safeguard the landlord, but what about us? Do we HAVE to agree with this? The thing is that I highly doubt if our insurance company will pay for our alternative accommodation, storage, cattery etc if we don't have a current lease on the property we will living in at the time of the earthquakes?!

mcnic, May 11, 1:09am
At one property, we gave our tenants 90 days notice to vacate. It was the easiest option for us. The house repairs are taking forever.
Another property, where the proposed repair time was only 2 months, we were happy to keep the tenant in place. She found temp accommodation and moved back in, when repairs finished.
Check your rental agreement - if it is a Periodic term, then you should start looking for a new place, now.

omnicow, Nov 27, 8:46pm
It's not standard practice to terminate a tenancy when repairs are being done. It also doesn't 'protect the landlord'. And promises of 'dibs' aren't legal.

They're trying to kick you out, plain and simple. I would resist, because as you say, your insurance will not cover costs if you don't have an active tenancy.

The alternative is to try to find another rental asap. Probably the smartest choice, but I would not agree to terminate the tenancy unless and until you have somewhere else to go.

Your property manager is being shady. Be careful in working with them and don't agree to anything that doesn't directly benefit you.

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