Ebola scare in Chch.

gaspodetwd, Mar 14, 9:05am
In the news.

shakirafan, Mar 14, 10:32am
Not a scare, just a test for someone who was working in aid in Sierra Leone and had become unwell since returning home.

lucky.gadgets, Mar 14, 3:23pm
2 other workers from USA and UK just tested positive in Sierra Leone and are being flowing back to their countries. Wonder if this chch person was working with these people?


slimgym, Mar 14, 5:57pm
why do they came back and go out do their normal stuff and bring it back to our country,. and they meant to be the brainy ones, you want to go help stay over there.

gaspodetwd, Mar 14, 6:06pm
I expected it to be front page news with cyclone pam. Can't find any details at all.

drcjp, Mar 14, 6:10pm
It's likely not Ebola, but they have to test to be sure, to be sure. The way its being reported it seems the symptoms might not match well enough. Besides, workers are told to stick around in the affected area for 3 weeks after they finish to confirm they don't have it (the incubation phase takes 21 days max).

More likely dodgy airline food.

ml6989, Mar 15, 2:12am

jessebird, Mar 15, 6:43am
It was on front page Press Sat.

puddleduck00, Mar 15, 6:47am
They're quarantined before they return as far as I'm aware. I know someone in Sierra Leone who is being quarantined for 3 weeks before their return. Somebody has to help these poor people.

The hysteria around this virus is a bit ridiculous. People think it's contagious like the flu. The only reason it spreads the way it does in West Africa is because of their unsanitary conditions, lack of resources and lack of education. You have nothing to worry about here. The people we should be concerned about are the people dying.

I felt exactly the same as you until I talked to some health professionals about it and got some insight into what it is and how it spreads. The media has played a huge part in stirring it up.

bigbadfun, Mar 15, 8:59am
Like it was said above, probably just flew back into the country with Jetstar. It's usual to feel violently ill and vomit for 3 days after that.

amuso, Mar 15, 9:01pm
Surely it is cheaper, and safer, to quarantine people for a month at an island retreat rather than let them back into the country, and their neighbourhood. This story http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/67382580/possible-ebolaaffected-nurses-terror-trip is like something from a reality movie. Except that this is reality. It is as though someone really does want ebola to spread worldwide.

fineo, Mar 15, 11:42pm
She has been cleared .
Test results came back negative

craftylady1, Dec 31, 10:01am
Its excellent news she was cleared.
It has been good practice for when or if other suspected cases come to Christchurch

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