Is the rental crisis over?

ryanm2, Jan 22, 7:58am
There seems to be a lot of private signs up these days for homes for let, to rent etc

jc239, Jan 22, 10:49am
I was thinking the same thing.
The only crisis now is that most of the cheap ones are gone, or have been done up by eqc. So landlords are probably more picky who goes in them.

stillwaters, Jan 22, 6:47pm
Its not over in rangiora, there is the odd empty house. but sooooooo expensive. would take two thirds of our income some of em

lambrat, Jan 22, 10:30pm
yes i'd say private signs still mean higher prices even in linwood. have been trying to get woman with three daughters into rental accommodation, its just not happening.
she moved up here from dunedin for her job near the end of last year and now daughters - none under age12 - are here too. so shes contemplating transferring elsewhere, although that further complicates schooling issues.
is definately between rock and hard place.

edit . seems multi national franchises are happy their workers will move from city to city, yet are not prepared to assist in housing issues when it gets hard.

chch_gal, Feb 5, 7:06pm
crisis is still around. Cheaper rentals remain hard to find and /or secure. Seems plenty of rentals available $450+ p/wk (3 bedrooms) end of the market though.

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