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voidhawkltd, Sep 23, 1:09am
"Afternoon every one, my 13 year old was assaulted this morning at a bus stop neat eastgate mall when a man in a black hoody tried to wrestle his laptop bag from him. Fortunately for my boy the man ran off when he realised he wasn't going to be able to get the satchel off him easily and he was largely unharmed, although he was thrown to the ground, but he is very shaken.

Please remind your children to be mindful of who is around them if they are using the bus service, some people obviously have no qualms about trying to rob children!"

copied and pasted from neighbourly!

voidhawkltd, Sep 23, 1:09am
Good advice to just remind our kids to be aware of what's happening around them if they are waiting at bus stops etc.

vintage_betty, Sep 23, 2:30am
Scary. My boy would be terrified if that happened to him :-( Unfortunately in this day of BYOD to schools this happens.
Thanks for the reminder to be more mindful at bus stops.

lambrat, Apr 4, 3:45pm
its a shame and quite odd they didn't say which bus stop it happened at.

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