Linwood Cemetery & Notable ChCh People buried

jessie981, Aug 13, 12:31am

firebirds, Aug 13, 3:36am
You will also find lots of information about the cemetery on the Friends of the Linwood Cemetery website

jessie981, Aug 13, 4:41am
Info was written by them for one of their Tours, miss them now

goldclan, Aug 17, 1:17am
I am puzzled by your comment "miss them now"! Can you please give more detail on what you mean by this comment?

schnauzer11, Aug 17, 3:03am
There are some very notable people buried in Sydenham and Addington cemetaries, too.

kim.s, Aug 17, 3:37am
I think it is Henry Wigram that is buried in the grounds of St Peters Church in Upper Riccarton.

Charles Upham is in a rarely odd place too

jcmp21, Aug 17, 5:06am
Interesting fact: Linwood cemetery is the dead centre of CHCH

jessie981, Aug 17, 7:29am
? Miss the Tours!

goldclan, Aug 19, 11:53pm
You didn't really answer my question!
There are tours every year, check out the Linwood Cemetery website!

huia991, Aug 20, 5:21pm
From time to time Richard Greenaway from the Public library does cemetery tours at different cemeteries. The link above should also take you to information about other cemeteries. His tours are well worth going on. He's done them in heritage week (October) in the past.

goldclan, Aug 23, 10:27am
Cemetery 130th Anniversary of the Cemetery Tour ??

goldclan, Jul 16, 3:36pm
Tours in Linwood Cemetery during Heritage Week.

Topic : Arrivals - Early Settlers in Linwood Cemetery
Saturday 10th October (2pm-4pm)
Sunday 18th October (4pm-6pm)
Saturday 24th October (10am-noon)

Topic: Departures - World War 1 Memorialised in Linwood Cemetery
Sunday 11th October (2pm-4pm)
Saturday 17th October (4pm-6pm)
Sunday 25th October (10am-noon)

Richard Greenaway is also running a tour in Linwood Cemetery as part of his usual Heritage Week Cemetery Tours
on Sunday 25th October (2pm-5pm)

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