Selected builder ditched by IC, options left

suka, Aug 13, 7:56am
Cross lease, both repairs, same IC.
Neighbour got me to agree to a builder she wanted.
IC got their builder and Builder X to price SOW.
IC builder pricing better, so Builder X was told cut their pricing if they wanted the job.
Builder X said he would.
Neighbour and Builder X were weren't told by IC that it was a tender.
Email from IC this week, they want me to have a meeting with them to discuss my options which are now: their builder or cash settlement.

robyn35, Aug 29, 2:30pm
depending on the wording on your policy they can choose the builder and in many cases can elect to cash settle

however if you cash settle make sure the payment is not full and final that way you can go back to them if other uncovered work comes up once repairs started

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