Christchurch bus exchange opening

Has been delayed "until further notice "blah blah blah blah" it's not that I'm against using public transportation in our broken down city but just maybe the money could have been better spent elsewhere. , like on rebuilding historical buildings.

jamie2016, May 18, 10:25 pm

Or knocking down 'historical' buildings (really grasping at straws to call something which only lasted a couple hundred years max 'historical'.) IMO, if something falls down in a natural disaster, it doesn't get to stay. It fails the test of longevity right there.

This obsession with preserving that which in terms of actual history is about as historical as a tupperware container is completely baffling to me. It makes about as much sense as hoarding used tissues in case you need them one day.

Things break, decay, fall over in earthquakes, that's the natural way of things. Clinging to an extremely short lived 'history' flies in the face of common sense - much like building a bunch of oversized stone monstrosities in an active tectonic zone was in the first place.

omnicow, May 18, 11:53 pm

Yeah, screw critical infrastructure right. did you get hit with the stupid stick OP?

dudekrulz, May 19, 12:20 am

So Jamie, do you actually use buses yourself?

calista, May 20, 12:53 pm

It makes sense to most of us,perhaps because we have a short history in architecture & want to preserve what little we have left,despite those who look down their noses at it while pointing to countries with far longer histories of architecture,where the buildings will obviously be considerably older.
Had those countries not kept the equivalent of what would once,in their time have been tupperware, there would be no buildings from centuries ago.

cronezone, May 20, 1:32 pm

I can't find anything in the news about it. Is there a link to why it has "been delayed until further notice"

zoopa, May 20, 5:10 pm

because they cant build it fast enough and havent kept to the tender schedule so now they are trying to hire more staff and rushing because its costing them more and more penaltes every day lets hope its going to be "safe" or another ctv building

fewspot, May 20, 5:34 pm

I have to agree with you, it really is time to fix the likes of the cathedral with a bull dozer and clear the bloody site up

fineo, May 20, 6:49 pm

i'm pretty sure so far that ratepayers are not funding the cathedral, the church is, so. it isn't delaying our infrastructure rebuild.

lambrat, May 20, 7:37 pm

Ahh not sure what your point is.
Yes the Tax payer and local rate payers are paying for the bus exchange,a point that I think escapes the OP.

fineo, May 20, 8:00 pm

ahh yes i just re-read the OP and see why my point is not particularly relevant to yours, lol sorry.

lambrat, May 20, 8:09 pm

There is a software glitch. thats why its delayed. Nothing to do with those building it.

bandrach, May 20, 9:37 pm

Excuse me. But the Bus Exchange is critical. Believe it or not there is quite a chunk of people, including me, that pass through the Exchange everyday.

And yes. It's just a software thing. They happen all the damn time.

xmakara, May 21, 7:22 pm

This, its just another boring computer glitch to sort. The bus station will be really good, I have 3 kids using the buses and glad to see its going to be modern and efficient - when it gets opened that is.

tomber, May 21, 7:37 pm

It's opening on Monday the 25th of May.

lugee, May 22, 2:36 pm

Lol. So really not all that dramatic then, huh.

zoopa, May 22, 4:08 pm

yes i do on the odd occasion and even been lucky enough to drive a couple of different types of buses over the years without any paying passengers and the radio cranked up full but would not hesitate to drive a bigger one again.

jamie2016, May 22, 6:51 pm

Can't wait for the opening! It's just what Christchurch will need.

xmakara, May 22, 7:20 pm

it brings me to wonder when the bus fares will increase to cover any damage to buses having to reverse out of their bays as the commercial insurance will sky rocket and thus southern rate payers are going to be lumbered with the over burden to cover the excess so in a way its a no win situation as opposed to the old ''drive-thru''-

jamie2016, May 23, 2:30 am

i'm not normally one to bag-on about different cities but the same would never be said about any buildings in ''Auckland'' cause if they fell down the council up there would have it repaired and back in its former glory within hours if not days no matter how old it was or how much damage it had. To me one thing is apparently true. , I totally get the gist that If a person lives in a prominant large city like Texas / Washington DC / New York or Melbourne or even Aucklands new motorways at a cost of $4.5b, stuff get done straight away without question but if one lives in a ''lower economic'' place such as Harlem /Sudan / Greymouth or Christchurch then every excuse is made to styfle any progress in building new or repairing old buildings wether it be a commercial cinema / private house (southern ''no'' response) or a simple place of worship / prayer.

jamie2016, May 23, 2:54 am

Added to say if a building older than 6mths old is damaged in any sort of way wether it be by flood / E/Q / mini tornado or a simple paper basket fire should it be automatically labelled as demolition material, if so then it would be a good way to keep renewing everything almost on a weekly basis except for a certain harbour bridge in NZ's wealthiest place. , whats next ,Moving parliment to auckland and renaming the capital of NZ as Ponsonby?!

jamie2016, May 23, 3:07 am

Why would there be any damage?

lugee, May 23, 9:52 am

when you get silly idiots walking behind the buses (it happened in hamilton) or drivers trying to hard to make their time tables work when the exchange is not able to cope with the peak traffic and first in dose not always mean first out in one piece :-/

jamie2016, May 23, 11:59 am

Passengers aren't permitted in the bus circulation area. There is a complex system in place that detects any unauthorized objects and halts all bus movements. When buses are allowed to enter and leave is all tightly controlled by this system, preventing any conflicts between buses.

lugee, May 23, 12:56 pm

It will be fine, I think it will be great, this one will beable to handle twice the flow of the current one.
Just wondering, if the new exchange is going to sell drinks and food, will that mean you can eat and drink on the bus?

rover79, May 25, 12:08 pm

Had a look at the new exchange today. Looks amazing!

jon9, May 25, 1:01 pm

I went through twice today. I wasn't too bad going east - west at lunchtime, but coming the other way at 3pm took a bit longer with the purple bus coming out and around again (I think it may have been allocated a different spot). One of those situations where I know I could never be a bus driver, and am grateful to those who are.

calista, May 26, 4:06 pm

Well seems all good to me once they complete the 2nd stage and everyone get use to it should be all sweet

nicsta4, May 26, 6:17 pm

I got a purple bus just before 5pm and the driver said that they had done something wrong / gone to the wrong place when they pulled in earlier. That might have been the one you saw! There's a learning curve for them as well as passengers.

The bus bays have big screens facing the driver that show a clear full view of what is behind the bus so they can be confident they're not reversing into anything.

daisyhill, May 26, 6:28 pm

Went past it today, what an awesome building. Looks really impressive.

brightlights60, May 26, 6:32 pm

Actually, NZ has pretty much no history left, lots of places have been torn down and not just ChCh, secondly, most "historic" buildings have already been torn down in the city, since NZ is such a young country, those buildings were significantly "historical" in the broader sense.

I used to admire Chch for its old buildings, now that so many have unnecessarily been torn down, i doubt i will ever come back to the city.
There is nothing nice about coming back to see a city full of cheap crappy tilt slab buildings (which incidentally are not that quake safe anyway and just fall down like a deck of cards, and some were killed by such buildings in the 2011 quakes)

Thirdly back to the subject for the OP, i dont know how people are going to find the new bus exchange, but the plans had been criticized rather early on i believe.

This doesn't surprise be one little bit, because the buses have to back out in a silly angle parking configuration, whereas the old bus exchange the buses went in a loop in the same direction, the whole thing was undercover in the rain and was brilliant, the (old) Chch Bus service was among the best bus services ive used in NZ, i just hope it remains that way, i was really impressed when i was using them back in 2010.

nzoomed, May 28, 9:38 am

All of the criticism was from people with no clue, as is usually the case (95% of earthquake related negativity comes under this).

Each bus bay is fitted with a traffic light and screen showing a wide view of behind that bus bay. The light informs the driver when it is safe to back out, and they use the screen to reverse out without having to turn around or use mirrors.

And what does it matter if the buses themselves aren't under cover? The entire passenger area is sealed, so whats the problem? At least it's really bright and open with lots of natural light, the old one was dark and dingy.

lugee, May 28, 1:38 pm

When I went on Monday there was a man and woman who turned left instead of right when they got off the bus. (so therefore in quite a dangerous place.) They were soon escorted back to where they were meant to be by one of the workers but they weren't happy as it looked they wanted to go to the street that the buses turn into (Lichfield or Tuam?) and were going to have to walk right round. There were also a few issues of doors not opening. That aside, I think it looks good and when it is finished it should be great.

vintage_betty, May 28, 2:02 pm

When i saw the initial plans, there was not alot of shelter, it looked a bit like a carport in a ring shape, but this does look a little different, either way hope it works out, all very well to rely on cameras and warning lights, but these systems fail and as others have said, they have seen people out and about where they are not supposed to be.

nzoomed, May 28, 2:24 pm

Presumably if the screen or light fails, the driver then knows to contact the control centre and ask for what to do.

And there was nothing stopping people walking in the bus area with the old exchange area, so this ones no different really. Persons fault if they get run over anyway, just as if they decided to jaywalk down a motorway.

lugee, May 28, 4:23 pm

Im not talking about physical failure of the equipment, more the use of the systems, drivers can get complacent or not not notice everything going around on the monitor.

nzoomed, May 28, 5:44 pm


stella7771, May 31, 8:06 pm

Just used bus exchange and it is so much better than the hovel down the road. A bit of a overkill with non new zealand info persons in Hi Visibily tops but I suppose that should be expected for the first week or so till people adjust.

doggybear, May 31, 10:09 pm

I think it is awesome! So do my children.

blb71, Aug 4, 2:44 am

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