Avoid going north on wainoni road

gaspodetwd, Aug 14, 10:57pm
As its jammed. Pak n save is selling off and queues are huge. So skirt the area unless you are joining the rest of Chch and grabbing bargains!

jambee1, Aug 14, 11:21pm
Will go another way

shortee2, Aug 14, 11:22pm
Yeah got caught coming home from work, I live off Shortland street in the Wainoni Rd Pages Rd block, it took me 8 traffic light changes to get from Breezes Rd onto Wainoni Rd.

jonners2013, Aug 15, 12:08am
it's still a nightmare out that way, i just got stuck in it. avoid if possible!

steve198, Aug 15, 12:21am
Everyone is desperate to get their $5 in savings even though they'd spend more than $5 in fuel sitting in a line of traffic.

Shop 'discounts', 'closing down sales', 'reduced to clear' etc slogans are like crack cocaine to the blind masses of consumer sheep.

omnicow, Aug 15, 1:25am
Still? I was going the opposite way at ten to ten and the traffic was backed up almost to the Kerr's road roundabout. Are they giving away groceries or something?

jon9, Aug 15, 1:31am
Whats happening at PnS? What do you mean selling off?

stevexc, Aug 15, 1:58am
They are shutting down on Sunday night to move stock to their new building. I guess the less stock the better.

They re-open on Wednesday.

fordy1110, Aug 15, 2:12am
10% off everything. they had cotton soft toilet paper 12 pack for $1.99

shortee2, Aug 15, 2:55am
Yeah Moorhouse had the Toilet Paper same price. took a walk down to Wainoni, nothing really cheap, just 10% off some items. I don't usually shop there as his Shelf prices are dearer than Moorhouse. Plus his Mad Days aren't much either.

540trickzter, Aug 15, 3:23am
My parents went there this morning, as above, nothing really cheap. Not worth going in.

kids4ever, Aug 15, 4:32am
gosh, reading all this i won't go near for a couple of weeks, as it still will be mad shopping in the new building on Wednesday, can't wait as i have really gone off Moorehouse, they are altering there at the moment, but they seem to have cut out a lot of product. not the same selection their, bit scummy too, not an over friendly place there

foamyone, Aug 15, 4:52am
Would rather put razor blades in my eyes than shop at pak n save as it is, let alone when sales are on.

craftylady1, Aug 15, 5:38am
PnS Northlands had the loo paper for $1.99 as well

gaspodetwd, Aug 15, 5:47am
It was a bit more than a special on toilet paper. 10% off everything is a lot when you do a large shop.

cranken28, Aug 15, 6:24am
WRONG Only some things . .and you don't find out till after you have been thru the check out NO discount on beer or wine .

optima, Aug 15, 7:52am
All the signs up during the week said no discount on alcohol, tobacco, gift cards

chris1joy, Aug 15, 8:43am
our new pac and save opens 9th sep at rangiora wow.

ricford1, Aug 15, 9:57am
My daughter and I went at 7am this morning on the way home from work. We were really disappointed as nearly all the stuff was usual price despite being told that all non special goods had 10% off. Waste of time.

gutlux, Aug 16, 10:13am
I called in friday night after work, there was a lot already gone but just had specials as they usually have, then 10% off items not on special, so I didn't think there was much savings, as alot of items were already slightly cheaper and the 10% didn't come of the items on special.

robyn35, Aug 17, 7:04am
20% off today and it was still mad, only went in because i had to work in there

kids4ever, Aug 17, 8:25am
we went to P&S Northlands today, was so busy and great bargains,all griffins chocolate biscuits, $1, chips $1, 1989 year prices on heaps,cheap potatoes, some veges, fruit, amazing it was great. Thats where everyone should have been going today, better specials than Wainoni thats for real

rollydog1, Aug 14, 4:10pm
It was like a North Korean supermarket.Hardly any stock

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