Recommend A Good Building Company?

steve198, Sep 22, 7:50am
A family member is almost about to buy a section at Prestons. As a rough idea could she build a 165-180m2 dwelling for $300-350k (2 bath, 3 bed)?

I know there have been threads already on this topic (I've emailed her those links) but I was just hoping there might be some new posters who can recommend a good building company or recommend one she definitely shouldn't go with? Thanks

kiwi_crusader, Sep 22, 8:36am
Chris Sinclair Builders, good team and done alot of new house's at Prestons.

jane310567, Sep 22, 9:11am
Can't say enough about Paul McStay Builders - My family have built 3 times with them and my sister is about to start hers(in Prebbleton) as is my friend who is a rebuild in Fendalton. Our place was built 5 yrs ago and to a great standard and a great price. Visit their work and get a quote. you won't regret it. I got a few prices and did my due diligence. I am a crazy researcher. They re not salespeople and not all glitzy. No show homes or showroom - just good certified builders. Approx $1850 a square now I think.

tennisfanz, Sep 22, 2:25pm
Z build

steve198, Sep 22, 10:55pm
Thanks for the great feedback so far.

dannyboy24, Sep 23, 10:02am
Im a brickie and can't fathom why people use the big housing company's when there are private builders out there who do a far far superior job for the same sqm rate as these franchise cowboys i literally see it everyday.
I've worked on many different houses for many different builders and in my humble opinion the best builders (that I've struck) in canterbury are Todd Johnson builders or alternatively Craig Wilson. Either of these outfits "blow the housing companys clean outta the water"

katalin2, Sep 23, 9:17pm
Maiden Builders have done a wonderful job on major repairs on our home. If we ever build again would have no hesitation in using them again. They finished weeks ahead of schedule as well.

otagogirl3, Sep 23, 9:32pm
Sorry to hijack the thread.
im looking to build a house nothing fancy but need things for disabled like wet bathrooms, ramps, wider doorways, lower benches cupboards etc and other things needed. Anyone know of builders who are experienced building for these needs.

otagogirl3, Sep 23, 9:56pm
. cost wise and easier would a build be a better option or a complete renovation of a existing house. Id rather build for our specific needs on a small section no gardens no lawn no drive etc

si50, Sep 24, 8:02pm
JD homes. and they have a good reputation. (If you're on Facebook ask to join the TC rebuild group and post your question there.There's Someone who's been through this on there. )

otagogirl3, Sep 24, 11:04pm
thank you for the info.
I will get onto it.

corkranb, Sep 24, 11:17pm
Milestone Homes are also excellent with no hassle fast builds. They are also mentioned on the TC3 facebook page.

jonners2013, Sep 24, 11:49pm
Probably because the small guys are generally terrible at marketing themselves (partly because they just aren't good marketers and partly because they may be flat out already), so the average person just doesn't know about them. Companies spend a lot of time and money building up their brand for exactly this reason.

Same deal with tradies. It's hard for the average person to find a genuinely good tradie. You need to know someone who knows someone if you want to get anything done.

poggy, Sep 26, 4:11am
I am having a wheelchair accessible house build at the moment by Collective Construction and would recommend them. Nothing seems to be a problem for them. The house is two storey and I can not get up to my bedroom until the lift is installed so they are going to do a mock up of the bathroom and are putting it up in my garage so we can make sure the height of vanity and all fixtures are right for me. Not a big firm but good quality workmanship and very client focused. What is more they listen and don't try and tell me what is best for me. We have regular site meetings which we find really helpful.

jessebird, Sep 26, 4:22am
Anyone had Merit Builders?.

rasin11, Mar 22, 3:13pm
Ive used Orange Homes rice and can not rate them highly enough and have friends with similar comments recently. Their hands on and quick response to problems changes etc etc has been amazing. Good luck.

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