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doggybear, Feb 22, 11:17am
were are out in force outside Mad Butcher Northcote Rd. At first I thought they were holding machetes !

hakatere1, Feb 22, 3:30pm
They're ok. they're working.

planespotterhvn, Feb 22, 8:37pm
They are illegal and cause crime and grafitti in the area. *555 the police whenever you see them. At Mad Butchers corners and QE2 /Marshland.

foamyone, Feb 23, 12:13am
They are a pain. They asked me if I wanted it do be done and I declined and the guy said "I'll give you a free one". before I had a chance to say no he had poured his dirty water on my window and left big dirty marks. If people say no they mean no.

speedwayfan1, Feb 23, 12:30am
There's notices in the Mad Butcher about them, apparently until one of them does something or an innocent driver hits one, the Police can't actually do anything. You need to call the council.

Or just do what I have been doing, drive through with a dusty/dirty car, they don't seem to bother at all.

kids4ever, Feb 23, 12:36am
they are a pain at Eastgate

doggybear, Feb 23, 4:08am

spunkeymonkey, Feb 23, 4:10am
come on now at least they doing something with themselves - keep this up and you might find one of your family members on one of those lights oh and never say it will never happen to you . who cares they are doing something even though it in the wrong place, they not at school (the younger ones that is) harassing teachers or not not learning if you get what I saying, before anyone says they are losers they not they loosing it out on the road trying to do something, oh yes it can get very intimidating when they in their groups but most of the times I have seen them they not causing trouble

foamyone, Feb 23, 4:12am
Yeah, however, if you decline they need to back off.

speedwayfan1, Feb 23, 5:08am
Have no problem with it if they can do it safely and respectfully. Haven't seen any of that yet and I travel through there a few times a day.

llew46, Feb 23, 5:58am
They will do it for a fag also

jamesnmatt, Feb 23, 8:42am
equal opportunity at work

trumptrader, Feb 23, 9:13am
P#$% off and get a real job, Bunch of scrubs.

chch_gal, Feb 23, 9:18pm
. so most of the time they can be ok. they're truants, they're doing it for smokes, alcohol and /or other drugs. they're a public nuisance.

mbos, Feb 23, 10:11pm
If they're truanting, they're not getting an education, and are thereby being set up, and setting themselves up to fail. Being functionally innumerate and illiterate is a huge issue, and 80% of our prison population are so. A kid's job is to get an education. An adults job is to work to provide so the kids get an education.

The safety issue is another concern. These are busy, high risk intersections, and they're not just endangering themselves, but increasing the risk to drivers and pedestrians by adding to the confusion.

golfaholic2, Feb 24, 5:38am
Did they do it for you ?

honest-reliable, Feb 24, 5:43am
Has anyone had a water pistol in their car and got them when they come up to your window - I would love to see this happen or may even try it myself.

teamgjt, Feb 24, 8:00am
Lol, use my trick!
As you see them approaching, hit your wipers and do the water squirt thing!

babylak, Feb 25, 4:28am
This. I know they are not popular but at least they are attempting to make a living. If they are prepared to stand the intersection I have no problem dropping them a couple of bucks.

chch_gal, Feb 25, 4:34am
enabling them to spend it on tobacco alcohol and drugs. good one.

babylak, Feb 25, 4:44am
They are going to buy those things anyway - they still get 10 points from me for trying rather than the dude breaking into your house while you are out in your car!

chch_gal, Feb 25, 7:44pm
and how do you know they wouldn't do that either.

barneymiller, Feb 25, 7:51pm
I saw a group of window washers walking home from the corner of Ferry Road and Aldwins Road. They had large bags of bread and other food. It looked like they were taking it home to their family.

gillian25, Feb 25, 8:58pm
What a lot of assumptions . How do we know what their circumstances are? Make hay while the sun shines I say. A good education is not worth what it used to be ! Cant beat Life Skills !

chch_gal, Feb 25, 9:37pm
I know some of these kids and their whanau. If people want to believe they're providing for their families, good on you. I don't. I know they spend the money on smokes, alcohol & drugs. I think they're a public nuisance. They are now not even bothering to withdraw to the curb when the lights change, standing out in the middle of the lane instead and expecting cars to go around them. That's just dangerous and a disaster waiting to happen!

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