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chch_gal, Feb 25, 9:41pm
and the fact that the kids from the Eastgate corner were closely associated with a Youth Trust (in the news not 2 or 3 weeks ago) that was run by a convicted fraudster and someone convicted of purchasing sex services from someone underage as well as the suspicion that a brothel was being run from the same address should give people pause about what these kids are up to. don't you think?

gillian25, Feb 26, 2:43am
Oh dear. wicked people, buying smokes and alcohol! The govt says thats all legal . The Trust you are talking about was run by people approved by the Ministry so maybe some of the blame could be attributed to the dept for not doing their job and and checking out these things. it seems pointless blaming the clientelle, dont you think?

mbos, Feb 26, 2:45am
So long as they don't whinge when the first one gets skittled.

rebeckah2, Feb 26, 4:44am
They are doing that as well :( Heard them call an elderly lady a b%#ch when she declined their 'services'

chch_gal, Feb 26, 8:06pm
not legal for those underage, in fact they actively prosecute now, particularly if its alcohol. No ministry approved anything to do with this Trust. They were refused funding from at least two big funders (incl MSD) because of the shady past of the two trustees.

chch_gal, Feb 26, 8:13pm
plus there are already a number of reputable youth orientated organisations already out there, based on the East-side. What need is there for another upstart organisation with no clear goals, no funding and with shady characters in the background? That's good for troubled youth? More like letting the cat in the henhouse IMO.

blacktooth1, Feb 26, 9:22pm
Yes and paying no tax and probably on the bene as well. While I work to pay tax to cover their bene. Yeah right.

jerry1018, Feb 26, 11:25pm
If you believe that I have some shares in the AKL Harbour Bridge you might be interested in.

dannyboy24, Feb 27, 10:39am
i hope its not me that hits them I've only got third party insurance . do you think their insurance will pay for panel damage on my car?

jcmp21, Feb 27, 5:52pm
Don't worry, they are trained professionals and even in the unlikely event one gets hit, they have excellent medical cover and their public liability insurance will sort things out nicely. As drivers we just need to make sure we don't go the 1kmh over the limit, especially if hitting one of the entrepreneurs, otherwise police will be all over it.

steelman3, Mar 1, 8:32pm
I like getting my windows washed for ten cents, makes me laugh

tool_shop173, Mar 1, 9:20pm
They are probably breaking into your house as well as window washing.

antonio_62, Jan 11, 9:59am
Unfortunately it's not an honest living. The washers at Eastgate steal their equipment from the supermarket and most are known to the police and cyfs.

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