Jelly bowl wobble

Just now Nth Linwood

handyanj, Jul 10, 11:20 am

That was a good one! Sumner

nz_nicola, Jul 10, 11:20 am

Aranui - gentle one

samargh, Jul 10, 11:21 am

Bang then jolt here in Beckenham.

davedave, Jul 10, 11:21 am

The couch gently swayed here - Aranui.

lobelia211, Jul 10, 11:21 am

Centred in Diamond Harbour.

ronash, Jul 10, 11:22 am

rattle rattle in avonhead :)

lil_tarnz, Jul 10, 11:26 am

Good rattle Linwood

peca, Jul 10, 11:27 am

That one on Tuesday night happened about the same time and just as there was a heavy shower, just like tonight's one, coincidence I suppose.

tsin65, Jul 10, 11:27 am

Said the same thing to hubby, very weird

bucca11, Jul 10, 7:47 pm

was fast asleep in Avonhead

craftylady1, Jul 10, 8:09 pm

Naa, we don't get shakes anymore.

tool_shop173, Jul 10, 8:37 pm

Not even allowed to mention we might get one without flame proof pants on

zoopa, Jan 21, 2:44 pm

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