Pets boarding ?

Good morning , we have just moved back to Christchurch. we are staying with family . we have an 8 year old Lab who has bad legs and is very nervous , we have a room up on the 2nd floor and for the life of me , she will not go up the stairs :-( . so I have been sleep on the couch because she cries being alone in the new house. we thought boarding her might be the best thing we can do . Pain pills for her legs does not help. if anybody has any ideas to help us with her ? or any really good Boarding thats not going to cost an arm or leg .? we would love to hear about it. we love her to bits . its such a worry . thank you

joanjett, Oct 9, 12:11 pm

That is really awkward for you all. I can only suggest you ring round all available kennels near you and contact SPCA as well ,I have heard they are pretty good and see what deal you may be able to arrange with any of them
Good luck hope it all works out and welcome back home.

success27, Oct 9, 12:37 pm

Thank You success27 yes we will ring around . :-) have a great day !

joanjett, Oct 9, 12:47 pm

Rescue Remedy works quite well on pets, might help with her stress, poor old dear.

frances1266, Oct 9, 4:05 pm

How long would you consider boarding her? I'm guessing you'll be looking at a one-story rental. SPCA board a few dogs, and they have always been my preference. They treat the dogs very well, take them out into a paddock, and the runs are spotless. You do have to book-in well ahead of holiday-times. Best of luck. They charge pretty much the same as any kennel.

schnauzer11, Oct 9, 4:23 pm

I am looking at boarding her for about 6 weeks

joanjett, Oct 9, 4:42 pm

Sounds like lots of exercise is out but I could help you.

choccy2, Oct 10, 6:57 am

Bump I'm looking for one on the east at short notice since we got to move out for repairs by the following Monday.

ttaotua1, Oct 11, 12:05 pm

Re the pain your wee lady is experiencing. this might be a bit 'out there' but there is a Facebook group called Turmeric User Group for pet owners who give their animals turmeric for pain. They seem to have quite a bit of success (if they can actually get them to take the stuff!).

henpen, Jan 27, 3:22 am

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