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luvthebikes, Jan 2, 12:42am
We built with Stonewood about 5-6 years ago & they were really good but have got considerably larger since.
With a big company like Stonewood now they are only as good as the builder you get on your build & the project manager, if the PM has too much on your place will be just one of many jobs, quality & attention to detail can be a issue.

ozalina, Jan 2, 8:58pm
and whats your point?they are way cheaper and look nicer in my oppinion

honest-reliable, Jan 2, 9:30pm
how about Golden Homes, there is a place near me they built and looks great, dont know what they are like to deal with tho

ryanm2, Dec 2, 5:52am
Looking at building - have section on hold until title comes through. Does anyone have any positive things to say about Stonewood? Some of their plans are really great but I know they have had a bad run since the quakes. Any other building firms or builders people can recommend? Thanks.

kiwi_crusader, Dec 2, 6:44am
Chris Sinclair Builders, you will get more bang for your buck. He has his own tradies which will save you lots of $$$'s

kathy9, Dec 2, 11:11am
all the people I know that have used Stonewood have had delay after delay and had to be constantly on their back for info etc.
The quality of the work is ok however so would depend on your circumstances ie can you afford to live with delays

tigger250, Dec 2, 7:59pm
Home Trends Builders are really good. Small local firm - been going for about 30 years. Very good to work with too.

jamesnmatt, Dec 2, 8:50pm
I think almost anyone who has used a franchise builder like Stonewood, MGH, etc and had their insurance company involved will always tell a tale of delay, frustration and heartache.

That extra layer of bureaucracy will always be an issue. If you are building off your own bat, without your insurer footing the bill you are likely to have a far better experience with any franchise than an insurance rebuild,

ozalina, Dec 2, 10:23pm
try eurowood - stunning timber houses from europe

macboy2, Dec 3, 1:06am
landmark homes have been really good to deal with

amuseme1, Dec 6, 10:17pm
never ever ever use STONEWOOD. ma and pas 80 sq metre house got started in march 2015. wont be finished till January 22nd 2016. maybe. my sisters house got started after theres by Fowler homes. done in just over 6 months. and its perfect.

dyw, Dec 7, 6:51am
We bought our completed plans off Jennian and are now using our own builder. The service from Jennian was fantastic and I found their standard range of materials was better than others, but we found doing it all ourselves saved us much more money (around $150k).

rasin11, Dec 7, 9:26am
NEVER NEVER use Stonewood. Haven't used them myself but have 3 family members and 2 friends who used them with rebuilds and the standard was bad to atrocious! None of them have signed off all a year after 'completion'!

sw20, Dec 7, 9:38am
Stonewood. That is the firm that the majority of their builds failed their code of compliances?

If their driving is anything like their building I'm not surprised. Saw a couple of their stickered up utes blatantly running red lights recently.

crash01, Dec 8, 4:25am
my daughter had a beautiful home built by stonewood have a friend build with gj gardener and so many faults and delay to the finish but some have good others bad go met up and make the choice on how you find them

si50, Dec 8, 4:42am
I wouldn't trust any group home builder after our experience.

xxsaffyxx, Dec 8, 7:30am
Don't go with Fraemohs, they seem short on the $$$. Not paying their contractors.

ryanm2, Dec 8, 7:36am
Maybe we will just stay put then lol.

xxsaffyxx, Dec 8, 8:09am
I built with Jennian Homes, and had brilliant service. Suited my situation and they sorted everything for me. I've heard good things about Chris Sinclair too.

gutlux, Dec 8, 8:35am
My parents neighbours had bad experience with Stonewood. My parents used Horncastle and they were very good and only a slight delay (3 weeks) due to things outside their control.

andrea210, Dec 9, 8:18am
My brother built with Stonewood. Long delays, it took a long time for move in day and the date kept getting pushed back, but the standard of work is very good, so worth the wait. They were open and upfront about the delays. It was frustrating, but at least they were honest with communication.

moomoo9, Dec 11, 8:59am
Don't touch Genius Homes they are a pre built house made in their workshop that gets trucked to you and after 2 new showers as they leaked new gib in bathroom, hole in kitchen floor fixed, whole house plastered and painted inside and out plus a lot more to much to mention then tradies in our so called new house a year later it is like it should have been our worst experience of our lives !

gman35, Dec 11, 9:19am
From whatever I have read on here alone about any building topic seemingly for years, how on earth are Stonewood still in business ?

david_270, Dec 11, 9:28am
So that Placemakers can get some of their money back.

martin11, Dec 12, 2:01am
Eurowood home are almost the same as the Fraemohs Homes of the late 80s

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