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quinny, Dec 13, 7:42am
Peter Ray Homes managed via Insurance. No Issues bar small stuff (like a gate latch and size of a overflow pipe). Been in the home well over a year. It was beautifully built and all but one sub trade were excellent or better. Build was very close to time even tho done at pretty much the rebuild peak.

xstiteher, Dec 22, 3:34am
Jennian Homes are excellent we have them and about to start rebuild in new year. Watched our neighbors place built by jennian and very efficient and looks good. Stonewood homes i know a friend of mine was out oct 2014 and still not back in yet

victoria882, Feb 7, 10:52am
I have had 2 family members build with Stonewood and very happy with good communication and time frames. They were sold on the design, one built in Rolleston and the other in West Melton and both used the same consultant who was brilliant at communication.

Another family member paid $40K deposit with company that went into liquidation. lost the lot.

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