Roller Blinds suppliers

tonia2, May 27, 1:04am
Is anyone able to please help me with recommendations for a roller blind company in ChCh. I'm after a house lot, thermal backed (getting so cold) and would like to have a someone to come and measure and install. Lots of companies around, so would be really helpful if someone point me in the right direction to start off with.

jonners2013, May 27, 1:57am
i recently used Millers. i found them to be a reasonable compromise between quality and price.

jonners2013, May 27, 1:57am
also if you want them in for THIS winter, you'd better get onto it!

tonia2, May 27, 6:02am
Thank you : )

turq, May 27, 7:40am

kran32, May 28, 2:04am
Give Venluree Canterbury a call. They will come out and go over the best options for each room. They are not expensive and their product is very good quality. The guy's name is Jamie and he works in with you. Worth a call.

lambrat, May 28, 5:42am
there is a company i use in cashel st near fitzgerald st intersection, called The Blind Company

honest-reliable, May 28, 9:31am
New Style Blinds are fantastic

tonia2, Aug 18, 2:13pm
Thanks all. Lots of options . onto it!

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