Question re ECAN Clean Air Plan & EQ Repairs

opencast, Apr 30, 12:29pm
Hi all,

Quick summary of our situation - we had a double chimney, was substantially damaged in the Sept 10 EQ and we partially took it down as it was dangerous. We had been using the open fire up until the day before the earthquake. Obviously we haven't used it since.

Under the previous rules we were going to be able to put in a new logburner when our repairs were done. We were going to have to pay for this as we opted out (i.e. no Fletchers) so we brought the new burner and arranged to have plans done etc. for our repairs. Unfortunately, part of our claim has stalled as EQC's settlement will not cover the damage - and their suggested repair strategy means that it won't meet the building code. This meant that we had to put everything on hold until we sort it - so no consent has been lodged. In the meantime, ECAN have notified their new clean air plan and the first we heard about it was when we received a letter in the mail about a month or two ago saying that we might be affected. Essentially, we were unable to lodge a consent for the fire install as while the Plan is in its notification stages this would not be granted.

My take on it is that as our fire has not been in use within the previous 12 months that we will now be unable to put in the logburner we purchased. My reading of it that if we want a logburner we would need to buy one of those $10,000 ones - the only one that has been approved. Does anyone know if exemptions under the new Plan are being made for people in our situation who have not had heating since the Sept earthquake? I'm guessing that we aren't the only ones who have a repairable house and were counting on being able to install a logburner as part of the repairs.

If anyone can answer this please that would be great. Sorry if I'm not making much sense - it's late.

Many thanks!

golfaholic2, Apr 30, 6:21pm
Public submissions for changes to the plan have not closed yet ? , so how can they claim to have changed the plan already ?

Nothing would surprise me tho

I'd notify them that if consent for a clean air burner is not forthcoming , the open fire will be repaired and used accordingly

pezarointeriors, Apr 30, 9:29pm
There are three fires that have passed CM1. Prices from $6500 to just short of $11000.

sophie98, May 1, 11:15pm
How rediculous is that can't stop us having fires so just make them so expensive only the rich can have them. Would help the poor out there keep warm in winter if they could have a fire to burn rubish wood on. A lot of them can't afford to run heaters ect.

opencast, May 2, 2:21am
Thanks for your answers everyone.
To confirm - if the fire has not been operable within the previous 12 months of you wanting to install a replacement, then you are unable to install the replacement. The new rules are in force. I'm sure that this will affect a number of people who are still awaiting EQ repairs to their damaged homes.

Thanks also heartofthehome for the info - I see that there are two on the ECAN website. Regretfully, $6500 + flue + installation is far outside of our budget.

golfaholic2, May 2, 4:47am
So you have already bought a new burner ?

I would be emailing David Bedford , commissioner for air , pointing out what has happened etc , and suggest that it would be insane to push your insurer into rebuilding your open fire to enable you to regain the right to upgrade it to a new clean air approved log burner . and suggest further, that The Press might be very interested in your predicament .

pezarointeriors, May 2, 10:03am
Opencast, I would argue that you are entitled to like for like. The delay doesn't sound like your fault.

golfaholic2, May 2, 10:08pm
I'm amazed that the air plan can be changed before public submissions have been taken . something smells fishy

golfaholic2, Dec 3, 2:50pm
Just had a read thru the "proposed" new air plan that seems to be in play since feb 28

The wording is , once again , rather ambiguous . it appears on face value that ECan have effectively stopped ALL open fires being upgraded to low emission burners . no matter if the fire was use or not in the previous 12 months because it stipulates 'legally useable' and as we all know , open fire use was banned from around 2007 during winter months .

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