Off topic, fishing spots?

speedwayfan1, May 28, 9:57am
Been forever since I've gone, have spare time and want to go. Yeah I know the weather isn't good, probably won't catch anything but I want to go anyway.

Surf casting is out. Need to go off a wharf somewhere, New Brighton Pier is a last resort for me. I was thinking around Lyttleton harbour, Corsair bay, Diamond harbour. where else? Akaroa is just a little too far, so is Kaikoura. Rock fishing. maybe, but I'd rather get some time in before I start losing gear to a place like Taylors Mistake again.

Any other ideas? Even if I was catching, I'd be happy with getting spiny dogs or herring. Though something I can take home to eat would be awesome. Any other bright ideas?

bosch2006, May 28, 10:12am
Just try those spots

speedwayfan1, May 28, 10:36am
Yup I will be, was just wondering if there were any others around? I've only fished Corsair and the port, the latter all being closed off now as far as I know, at least it was on my last venture down.

bosch2006, May 28, 12:31pm
i wouldnt fish those spots myself.the waimak is good along the rockwall or the fishermans wharf at the port

golfaholic2, May 28, 7:49pm
Waimac is a good option for you , but fish further towards the sea than the rock wall . fish around high tide , in the river but off the beach as close to the surf line as the layout of the beach/river allows . if that makes sense .
I suggest mullet or the like for bait , and fish the last hour of light , and into the dark .
You may catch Kahawai , and once dark a few red cod may appear .
You may find milky water better for the cod , clear for kahawai

david_270, May 28, 8:34pm
There have been a lot of kahawai this season - the Waimak is a good option as golfaholic suggests. Bait or spin for them. An hour or so either side of low tide is better near the mouth for spinning. Just look at the river level on the ECAN site, and be aware that if you don't have a freshwater license you will need to put back any salmon or trout.

speedwayfan1, Aug 17, 2:08pm
Might go try there too then, cheers.

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