Drivers for elderly

bandrach, Aug 18, 7:16am
Any suggestions that aren't Driving Miss Daisy or the St John shuttle? My mum is looking for transport to get her home from public hospital to Rangiora. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

jenny253, Aug 18, 7:35am
Try NZ Red Cross or The Cancer Society may have volunteer drivers.

ibcool, Aug 18, 7:47am
Ask the hospital staff. They may be able to provide transport. You might have to ask someone like the social worker as some staff may not be aware.

maryannenz, Aug 18, 8:06am
Try Age Concern (366-0903). they might have volunteer drivers or at least be able to refer you somewhere.

bandrach, Aug 18, 7:58pm
Fabulous, thanks guys

dolphinlu, Aug 19, 6:22am
What about approaching the social worker at the hospital.

iwikiwi, Aug 22, 7:34am
Coastal Pacific stops in Rangiora on its way up to Picton. (Why they don't have the train leaving times, to tee up with work day times in Christchurch city is beyond me.)

jane310567, Aug 22, 7:59am
Pegasus health (most GP's) have community workers who transport people to appts etc. Ask them?

martin11, Aug 24, 12:56am
Think about it the Coastal Pacific leaves Chch at 7.00am and gets to Picton to link up with the Ferry sailings and returns early afternoon to Chch at 6.30 pm . Only one trip each way each day !

No way does that work for getting into Chch for work unless you are on a night shift . Plus the fact the train station is so far away from the bus depot , Madness in design .

jules555, Jul 15, 4:24pm
DHB have a contract with Gold Band taxis Ask the social worker for a voucher.

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