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granny98, Aug 7, 5:16am
If its on the scope of works to throw away & replace (benchtop) then I'd expect that to be done, but no they are repairing old one YUK, plus the house been lifted piles repaired was going to take 2 weeks plus, they have managed to do this in 3 days. I think its all a bit dodgy, do I have any rights as the house owner?

tahnasha, Aug 7, 5:30am
Ring the insurance company and tell them re the benchtop they are not following the Scope of Works. They get paid to replace not repair in this case. I would also bring up the fact that they did the piles in 3 days and not two weeks, they would have charged the insurance company accordingly.

The insurance builders and sub trades are all very clicky, the more people that complain about the same dodgy things going on, the more likely they will get rid of them.

hd07, Aug 7, 5:36am
Re the bench top, did they repair this successfully? If so, still let your Insurer know, so they can adjust what they pay the contractor. If it was able to be successfully repaired, then that's what you're entitled to. In regards to the piles, it would depend on what the scope allowed for. Maybe the scope allowed only a couple of men over that time and the contractor has bought in a swarm of contractors to get it done faster? I would have thought getting it done faster than anticipated would be a bonus. What rights as a house owner were you after?

david_270, Aug 7, 5:45am
Talk to the RAS or visit the In The Know Hub.
Trying to rip people off is routine for EQC & IC's.

tahnasha, Aug 7, 7:16am
hd07 if it was able to be successfully repaired, then it would have been on the Scope of Works. That's what Assessors are for, they determine what is what. If the Assessor said replace, and it says replace on the Scope of Works, then it should be replaced not repaired. The contractor has quoted for the bench to be replaced, not repaired. So he's potentially ripping the insurance company off if he just repairs it.

granny98, Aug 7, 9:57am
Thank you I will advice Insurance company, although I thought that as I opted with Fletchers that EQC/EQR were footing the bill! Southern response paid for moving & acc costs, storage & pets!
It took only 2 men to trim off existing piles & put in large bits of timber, & place jacks back in for house to come down.

granny98, Aug 7, 10:02am
We were meant to be out for 8wks but 1st builder went bust, & now a new comp has taken over, house piles were sub tractored out & they always stated it would take 2-3 weeks! A 3 day job to me means something fishy. As a house owner I want the right to be consulted, get what SOW said & to be kept up to date, not to be bullied & talked down too.

david_270, Aug 7, 6:42pm

hd07, Aug 7, 10:53pm
Not necessarily. There may be a method of repair the assessor hadn't considered. I used to work in insurance doing building claims, and this happened often. The builder would often call us (the case manager) and state he believes it can be repaired, rather than replaced (although they would usually bring this up when they first inspected the property so the scope would change and be signed off again by the Customer). It doesn't necessarily mean the builder is trying to rip anyone off, just coming up with a different repair method and may well have been in discussions with the Insurer about it. In saying that, the Insurer should have informed the customer of the change, so definitely contact Insurer to discuss.

granny98, Sep 23, 2:18pm
Sorted,I am getting new bench top, as for choosing its colour that will be next weeks dilemma. Todays issue is that the house lifters who levelled house have put it back down, but have failed to put on steel to re inforce the beams! (Luckily for me my partner noticed this) & we have project manager & fletchers following this up. All this & we haven't had our meeting yet! Thank you all for your input.

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