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Anybody knows about this business are they any good, they only been around after the earthquake so, thats like 3 or 4 yrs. I am very concern about the way they lifting concrete slab. i live with another two flats and to me i can't see this is gonna work. My insurance is trying to force me to commit.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 1:41 pm

looks Ok to me - They would have to be kosher to do such work


Take a look at the link there - Case Studies

missrat, Aug 17, 2:29 pm

It can be done but it depends on your engineer and getech reports whether it is the right strategy. They only re-level and repair not replace so if your reports recommend foundation replacement or you are TC3 then I would refuse if it recommends repair then maybe - ask lots of questions and if in doubt use an insurance lawyer to check their repair plan honours your policy :)

janeco1, Aug 17, 4:18 pm

thank you for that janeco1, but we are concerned that it is untested because its only been around for 3 years also, that our house is still sinking surely this can only be temporary fix at best.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 8:22 pm

It all depends on how deep down the good ground is, IE if silty sand is there and no gravel then your house will con't to slump.
Big question, has there been a test bore done on YOUR section, to sort out what the ground is like, and if not why not, as doing any work needs to be done as per the ground condition.
No point in jack and pack, when you may need 3-4 mtr piles.

aj.2., Aug 17, 8:33 pm

No , jack and pack has been around for many years, I have done the piles for so places, at least 20 years ago, one lot were for council flats, that were built on very early land fill land, We dug out down to gravel, but we were finding grass cuttings down as far as 2-3 mtr that had not rotted, also old news paper.

aj.2., Aug 17, 8:37 pm

exactly we have had only one core test done but our house is one of three connected flats. when they core tested our flat was 61mm out of level since then it has been measured at 80mm out of level now it has been measured at 93 mm out of level. the loss adjuster is insisting we sign up to this scope of works before geo tech is even done.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 8:42 pm

aj.2. we dont have piles they are lifting the slab.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 8:45 pm

I note that , but in order for them to be able to jack, a concrete pile is poured , and leveled , allowed to set, then the jacks are placed and the lifting is done.
Then they pack on a secondary pile to hold the place/ house up, then take out their jacks and fill the hole up with concrete.
Note its easy to do around the out side of the place, but the floor also needs to be lifted, so holes are cut inside the place in order to jack and pack there, ////or a second way to lift the floor is to pump grout into the holes and Hope that will lift the floor, and fill any void that is there.
BUT NOTE , all this can be done, but if no firm ground is under these new small jacking / packing piles, then the place will still sink.
Note again re test bore results,
Piles may be needed to be driven down to firm ground and then jacked and packed off those.
Do you have any test drilling results, and were there any SPT results given? >

aj.2., Aug 17, 8:56 pm

No we haven't seen any reports or results. Just one test has been done but still many needed for other flats etc.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 9:03 pm

SPT, stands for Standard penetration test , this is a cone screwed to drill rods, driven into the ground by a set weight, at a set drop, the figures are recorded, and they will tell you what the ground is like, ( ie ) very low readings = soft ground.
High reading = hard ground
Readings of 3-7 means soft sands and silts.
20-30 = gravels .
But also note a test drill casing needs to be run, so that a sample of that ground can be seen, as the SPT can hit old timber and give false information.

aj.2., Aug 17, 9:05 pm

I was a driller here, so have a wee bit of knowledge about it.
I will ask where you are as just that may help me give you more info.
EDIT also I would NOT be agreeing to any thing till a drilling test had been done in Your place, as the ground can change over a short area,/ , not much but enough that may change things.
If space is too tight to get a drilling rig in, there are hand augers that engineers can use, down to about 5-6 mtrs, but no where as good as a drilling casing being run.

aj.2., Aug 17, 9:07 pm

we are TC3 philippstown area. we are still waiting for a geo tech test. I am still in doubt about the lifting slab as our house is still sinking.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 9:17 pm

OK, very silty ground, gravel are quite some way down, and pack and jack may not be the way to go, i would thing driven piles so much better, just the mention of TC3 sets me to thinking that.

aj.2., Aug 17, 9:22 pm

exactly, that is what were thinking.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 9:24 pm

We went to lawyers when our high lift repair strategy (new foundation) turned into the Smartlift solution. To fight it they said that we needed an engineer to say that it wasn't suited to our situation, and then they could fight it in court. We contacted their recommended engineer and discussed with him. He said that unfortunately for us, Smartlift is working at the moment and that it was highly unlikely that he would be able to write the report that we wanted. His advice was to hold off for as long as possible, by which time Smartlift may have failed, and then we'd be better placed for the outcome we wanted. I know of others who tried fighting it just through mediation - couldn't get anywhere. We had a guy from Smartlift around explaining it all to us and answering questions. It sounds like it is working and they have all the explanations for why it won't fail like Uretek has been in our part of town. IAG seems to be switching all the highlifts to Smartlift.

mcnic, Aug 17, 9:29 pm

i am glad that you agree and have relayed this information. we have been fed so much rubbish by the insurance company that our heads were spinning. our thoughts were that stream are pushing us into a dreadful situation. the two other flats have been bullied into signing up even before the geo tech has been done.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 9:30 pm

What out come did you want? .

aj.2., Aug 17, 9:38 pm

thanks mcnic, yes we had these smart lift reps around to explain things too. all they showed me was how many lies the insurance people had told us. the insurance people said that smart lift had been around for 20 -30 years over seas where as in fact the company was started here 2012. also insurance company said that it was used in japan which is nonsense.

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 9:41 pm

That Smartlift wouldn't work, high lift required = $900K repair = uneconomical to repair = new house.

mcnic, Aug 17, 9:44 pm

oh what outcome do we want? we want our flat fixed properly and permanently and fully securely insured

zenmarsh, Aug 17, 9:44 pm

Zemarsh - go with your instinct if you think this repair is not 100% filling you with confidence. if you are on facebook join the TC3 residents page this topic has been discussed a lot recently as many of us (myself included yet IC conceded that it would not work) have had smartlift pitched to us.

janeco1, Aug 18, 8:30 am

good, thanks for the info. janeco1 thumbs up.

zenmarsh, Aug 18, 2:15 pm

if you haven't seen a ps1 then you haven't had a design done of the repair. refuse any discussion until one is created. then go talk to an independent engineer with the design to find our whether it will work with you're house and your land

tmc1, Aug 21, 6:55 am

I had the same BS from Southern Response. Does your slab have reinforcing mesh in the floor as I believe the floor would not be strong enough for internal relevelling methods.
I got Linetech engineering to do a report that rebutted the SR Blue barn report. In the end it was agreed the home was uneconomic to repair. I have just had a costing done by a leading QS that is double the low ball offer SR gave me for a pay-out. Our lawyer Grant Shand will now try for a settlement or it is off to court March next Year.

corkranb, Aug 21, 7:47 am

Smartlift was an option iag wanted to use on our damaged foundations. Couldn't believe a quote was submitted to iag without any inspection other than looking at the perimeter - no ispection of inside damage. Iag ummed and arred about our complaint (no internal scope) so we got independant reports which say smartlift couldn't work. So iag sent back yet 2 more engineers who agree smartlift isn't an option. Geez, if we never questioned their methodology iag would have accepted this repair method. And an engineer had signed it off as well (with no knowledge of foundation damage). Anyone using this type of repair I would most certainly be getting independant advice, especially if you are on tc3 land!

carpete, Aug 21, 7:21 pm

very interesting reading here guys . you are clearly understanding our predicament well.we are the middle flat of three connected units the other two owners have been bullied and lied to to sign up to smart lift now it is just us holding them all off. clearly your advice is the direction we need to go.
the insurance adjuster has said she will recommend a payout but only the smart lift repair price where as i believe that the ground needs stabilizing.

zenmarsh, Aug 22, 1:56 am

So are you saying that SmartLift is not the process of lifting the house wall and all on a big girder jacking system above the old slab which is demolished and a new slab poured?
Is Smart lift not this process then?
Is SmartLift that shonky hydraulic injection method? Pffft!

planespotterhvn, Aug 22, 5:39 am

yup planespotterhvn they lift it slab and all with screw jacks then pump a pool of grout under it .

zenmarsh, Aug 22, 1:35 pm

Well as long as the land can support the weight of the house once relevelled. It makes more sense than trying to raise a slab with hydraulic injection of epoxy which just blew out the sides. What is the grout made out of? How do they raise the ring foundation, the gravel, the polythene damp course, and the slab, all at once?

planespotterhvn, Jul 26, 4:11 am

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