Pressure wastewater system.opinions?

kiwidee, Jun 17, 8:36am
Being a homeowner in Woolston I am being asked to allow installation of a pressure wastewater system on my property. Installations were halted last year following opposition from many people wanting more consultation. Who has one already completed and what are peoples opinions please? I feel concerned that if I don't allow this then I may have problems with wastewater on my property if the council will not maintain the current gravity system. I think the tanks are unsightly and obtrusive. I would love other opinions so I can make an informed decision. Thanks in advance.

jane310567, Jun 17, 9:38am
I have one of these but not due to earthquakes - maybe its different than what you are talking about? It is a concrete tank underground on our land and there is a pump that macerates and pushes the waste up to the street sewer. We have a wooden box around the pump area that is easily hidden by a the garden. We have had for 5 yrs with no issues. You do have to pay for the power to run it I guess but not sure how much this would be. You have to be aware not to put any sanitary items down the loo tho as these will block up the pump. Ideally no-one should do this anyway but everyone does!

57aries, Jun 17, 8:36pm
We have them in Southshore. No problems, and sure beats the alternative of waste backtracking! The installers will site it where it suits you and them (negotiate with them), not unsightly, just a lid visible and soon camouflaged with greenery. Power for pump about $25 per year, refunded to you via rates rebate. Go for it. It will cost you to get it installed at a later stage if you change your mind ($15k+).

jules340, Jun 17, 9:56pm
Surely better than waste on your property!

thebuzzyone, Jun 18, 3:53am
kiwidee - installations were not halted. Certainly there was, and still is, opposition to these. but that hasn't halted installation.

jane - you likely have a conventional pumping system which is likely due to lack of grade to gravitate to the sewer main. The ones that the OP is talking about is slightly different as it involves a low pressure main as opposed to a gravity main.

Other parts of the city are using a vacuum system as well.

Yet other parts of the city will be using the low pressure tank system (the e-one pumpset) but will also be required to have a special cellular control system so that a central computer at the Pages Rd wastewater treatment plant will send a signal to empty the tanks (which have 24 hours storage capacity) if it looks like rain soon.

In many ways though, in reality, it's a case of suck it up buttercup. you won't actually get much choice in the end.

thebuzzyone, May 15, 2:09pm
I too wondered about the "unsightly" comment - perhaps they are referring to the alarm panel part of it?

The rates rebate only lasts a certain amount of rates cycles/years too I believe.

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