Car break in, Belfast took guest's keys and cards

planespotterhvn, Aug 9, 11:50pm
Keep on the look out. This happened in the 0500 - 0645 hours of Sunday morning. Keeo your valuable with you, not in the car.
Three attempts to use cards in Bishopdale so far at 6:45am

dannyboy24, Aug 10, 12:08am
Far out where in Belfast? (generally)

jonners2013, Aug 10, 12:25am
happens everywhere unfortunately. opportunistic thieves will grab anything, anywhere, any time. if you leave ANYTHING visible in your car you are asking for trouble.

planespotterhvn, Aug 10, 12:43am
Pentland on the north east side just North of the Super Centre.

planespotterhvn, Aug 11, 9:45am
May be photo evidence at the attempt to use the cards in Bishopdale.

jcmp21, Aug 11, 10:22am
I see a heap of car window glass on the road as I drove down Edgeware road the other day, no doubt they've been hit down there again.

shortee2, Aug 13, 4:05am
Honestly. People never seem to Learn. Never Ever Leave Anything of Value in your Car. its common sense.

2bit, Aug 30, 4:11pm
I saw a car at Fendalton library last week with a purse and camera on the passenger seat AND the window down. Idiots.

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