Can you kayak at Pegasus or is the water still

julie28, Apr 26, 12:39am
contaminated ?

nessies1, Apr 26, 1:01am
No, its all good now

julie28, Apr 26, 1:11am
Thanx heaps

iwikiwi, Apr 26, 8:36pm
St Annes lagoon, not far from Cheviot, is great for kayaking on. It is a protected reserve. Lots of birdlife ahd beautiful black swans; Has lots of little bays to kayak in and out of, that makes for really interesting kayaking.

rocklover, Apr 26, 11:03pm
not sure if it all good now, as only a few days ago when I walked dog around lake the signs are still on all the little beaches warning about toxic algae?

astrophe, Apr 26, 11:04pm
It's not really that hard to google.

Lake Pegasus ??

bootsy2003, Dec 7, 9:07am
the warning was only lifted on 22 April, so probably hadn't gotten to the signs then.

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