Ferry Road Fisheries, Woolston

I am so disappointed to see the shop empty. Their fish was always beautifully fresh. Does anyone know if they have opened somewhere else?

lorischch, Jul 29, 2:27 am

I could be wrong, but I was told that they are in the wee shopping area where ANZ is just down the road.

vickyandwayne, Jul 29, 4:20 am

have they moved to make way or the expansion of New World?
and have they go into where the mad butcher was?

pam.delilah, Jul 29, 6:53 am

Yep. Moved to the former Cambodian restaurant behind ANZ. Much larger shop with tables.

mss2006, Jul 29, 7:39 am

They do a vegetarian chop suey fritter.

planespotterhvn, Jul 31, 11:11 am

Visited there today. Must be the cleanest fish and chip shop in Chch! The fish is always lovely and fresh and the woman shop assistant is friendly and helpful.

lorischch, Jul 31, 10:09 pm

I like the shop but they gave me the worlds smallest piece this week, considering they've put their prices up I wasn't impressed to get something so pathetically small.
I think I'll stick with Big Eds now, their chips are nicer

voidhawkltd, Aug 2, 1:57 am

Yes I have opened at the rear of the car Park between the ANZ Bank and Night & Day Dairy under a new name Fish & Chips on Ferry Thanks.

winsloe, Aug 3, 1:59 am

Yay! So pleased to read this. I ended up going over the road instead. Boy was that dinner revolting.

fimeister, Aug 3, 8:35 am

I used to buy their pet food but they don't seem to sell it any more.

lorischch, Aug 3, 9:36 pm

Walking distance from the old shop.

planespotterhvn, Jul 24, 4:31 pm