Bizarre .snowing in NB

Look really closely , and it's snowing that grapnel ? stuff . it isn't hail as it's floating down .
Sun is shining , which makes it even more odd

golfaholic2, Sep 7, 11:45 am

where is NB in NZ terms?

kevymtnz, Sep 7, 11:47 am

New Brighton

golfaholic2, Sep 7, 11:49 am

Weird. I didn't see any - but there are some dead fish on the beach. Never seen that before! I'd believe anything today.

gaspodetwd, Sep 7, 12:11 pm

You're in "Canterbury Recovery". That help narrow it down?

astrophe, Sep 7, 12:12 pm

Sorry to say, but it's a new dry composition chem trail application. It's lighter and means the planes can carry more chemtrail formula for mind control/earthquake causing per load

jcmp21, Sep 7, 12:12 pm

It's bloody cold out there! I'd believe it.

I've seen both rain and snow without a cloud in the sky before.

astrophe, Sep 7, 12:12 pm

What an advancement! Truly a great scientific age, that we live in!

astrophe, Sep 7, 12:12 pm

OK, just one more clue, north or south island?

jcmp21, Sep 7, 12:13 pm

Yep, I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end.

jcmp21, Sep 7, 12:14 pm

I touched some that settled on the kids trampoline ? I guess I best wash my hands .

Reminds me of the time I rocked out to Ellesmere Country club for a hit with two mates . as we signed the honesty book the greenkeeper came over said in a Scottish accent . "Ive just sprayed the greens boyz , so don't let me catch you licking each others balls" .

golfaholic2, Sep 7, 12:30 pm

The Mainland.

shortee2, Sep 7, 1:22 pm

Oh yes,of course it is - I wonder why the rest of us didn't realise that.

cronezone, Sep 7, 1:57 pm

david_270, Sep 7, 1:57 pm

@ jcmp21

dreamingofbali, Sep 9, 10:41 pm

Could be ash from the fire. Is it still burning?

fimeister, May 27, 2:23 am

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