Are we next for a shake up? Japan has had theres!

tool_shop173, May 31, 8:48pm

dannyboy24, May 31, 9:15pm
Get a life man

kerry22, May 31, 10:43pm
why do people come on here and ask stupid questions that no one has the answer to?
tool_shop173, you really are a tool aren't you?
You realise 183 people died in the earthquake eh?

junie2, Jun 1, 1:05am
. "theres". ?

harrislucinda, Jun 1, 1:08am
he is always a stirrer but then we did have 1 on MT COOK today

jen367, Jun 1, 1:34am

lambrat, Jun 1, 2:36am
ahem. theirs
edit. no apostrophe needed

toolshop. your hypothetical questions and your big brown arm. nothing but a silly stirrer?

samanya, Jun 1, 2:56am
Theirs . actually, no apostrophe

samanya, Jun 1, 2:57am
sorry lambrat didn't see your post.

kids4ever, Jun 1, 3:26am
gosh I was thinking the same thing

kids4ever, Jun 1, 3:29am
you need to join him, stop being negative. Gosh we just had a lovely day out today watching the Marathon at the CBD, and their were crowds enjoying the lovely day as well and then we come home to read this rubbish, get outside and enjoy life

moodybleu, Jun 1, 5:15am
OP. you post this stuff nearly every week. without being mean perhaps its time to move onto another topic. Nobody is interested!

klc1, Jun 1, 6:29am
Maybe it's a call for help? Good luck to him.

golfaholic2, Jun 6, 8:06pm
It's a valid question . the stresses seem to rotate around the rim of fire .

Maybe we are due . some of you guys need to take a teaspoon of cement

dannyboy24, Jun 6, 8:48pm
Sounds like toolshop and yourself are on the case which is incredibly reassuring. I vote you and tool get the job of monitoring the rim as you both seem massively qualified. A "rimjob". We are in safe hands people

golfaholic2, Jun 6, 9:14pm
I am in no doubt your post breaches TM Msg Board rules there danny , but I like it lol

I'm actually already busy monitoring tool's missed nudie runs (28) and a nude sleigh ride .

dannyboy24, Jun 7, 12:00am
true. i probably should have posted it under "jobs"

tool_shop173, Jun 7, 3:16am
Actually, he's quite correct.

dannyboy24, Jun 7, 4:22am
about the number of nudie runs or the contents of my post?

tool_shop173, Jun 28, 4:32pm
nudie runs. or both

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