Important: Southern Response Meeting 16June 7.30pm

mojonzd, Jun 12, 3:58am
Hi to those that are still dealing with Southern Response, waiting on your house to be rebuilt etc.

There is a meeting in the Cardboard Cathedral about the no win no fee class action with GCA Lawyers. There is a really good website explaining how this works and whether it may be relevant for you here: and they encourage people to register for the meeting here: From their website: "Normally in a class action, the people in the class would have to pay the costs of the legal case as it went along but GCA Lawyers have been working on a ???no win, no cost??

david_270, Jun 12, 7:35am
I hope they get the support to make it happen. Far too many have been worn down and worn out by the games that EQC & IC's play.
SR's "Fair but Firm" policy was meant to have been changed to "Fair & Reasonable", but from the sound of some peoples experience that just appears to be window dressing.
The likes of Southern Response rely on people being passive, and not informing themselves.

mojonzd, Jun 12, 6:43pm
Yes, I hope so too. People have had enough of the games and and are forming groups to fight back. I see there's someone starting a class action for IAG now:

slimgym, May 21, 2:07pm
so its on to night, just bumping up

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