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mum116, Jun 20, 7:05am
Did anyone else receive a letter today from EQC stating that home owner needing to pay excess for work managed by Fletcher EQR

jonners2013, Jun 20, 8:17am
not today for me, but yes many people will have recently received such a letter.

mum116, Jun 20, 8:25am
This was the first time I have heard of this. Maybe its because I havent been on here for a while. I can not understand how they can do this when nothing was mentioned to me when I put my claims in or at any stage when dealing with my claims etc.

log62, Jun 20, 8:32am
You would have received mail from EQC after lodging your claim, booklet enclosed advised the in's an out's, including excess.

mum116, Jun 20, 9:28am
not that I can recall, but I will pull it all out again, thank you for info

jonners2013, Jun 20, 9:55am
Yes it's all in the documentation that comes with all insurance policies that no one ever reads.

The excess was deducted from cash settlements but for managed repairs you get a bill.

Amazing that they've waited this long before sending them out.

robyn35, Jun 20, 7:57pm
mum116 its just like any other insurance claim you might make, they all have an excess on them.

mum116, Jun 21, 4:30am
Thank you everyone

gymee1, Jun 21, 8:54am
But when we were paid out the EQC had deducted the excess before putting the money in our account, do we have to pay excess to the insurance Co as well? seems to me some one is double dipping

nzmax, Jun 21, 9:14am
Cash payout, EQC excess was deducted before you saw the money.

Repairs on the other hand, no EQC excess paid yet, hence the accounts being sent now for them to be paid.

gymee1, Jun 22, 7:11am
Thanks for that, Appreciated

hadhamfamily, Jun 22, 3:31pm
Question on behalf of friend. What happens if you refuse to pay?

littleone., Jun 23, 3:58am
I assume they can take measures to get the excess, possibly debt collectors? No different from a normal insurance company.

They cant repair a house but not do say $400 worth of painting because of the excess, so this is why it is charged afterwards. Not very fair on those who got cash payouts to have to pay and those with managed repairs to not have to pay. From what I have heard, they are being really reasonable with timeframes to pay it.

If the reason for not paying is not being happy with the work, there is a process to go down for that, but it has nothing to do with the excess, which you have no choice but to pay.

dianavan, Jun 27, 7:13am
I just sent an email telling them the driveway that they repaired is cracked again the garage they repaired is worse than before and the floor they told me was fine most certainly isn't. Apparently some one is coming round.yay.

bookmart, Jun 27, 8:00pm
Good luck with someone coming round, I rang and told them 2 months ago that our floor wasn't level after repairs and haven't seen anyone yet!

family007, Jun 30, 7:35am
Got our letter today. Kind of dreading the bill as we don't actually know how much repairs were. NEVER saw a scope of works. We saw a list of the jobs to be done but no costings or anything. Repairs took 3 weeks to do, plastering, roof repairs,paint work gib etc etc.
Guess we just wait and see.Repairs were done 4 years ago. And still they cant get things right.

angrol, Jul 3, 6:03am
We received the bill today. I have asked for the costings as the value of repairs are more than the value of the house. Anyone else having queries on their bill?

astrophe, Jul 3, 6:13am
Haven't received mine yet so some of these comments seem weird. It's an insurance excess. It's not based on how much work was done . is it?

Is it maybe based on the value of the home or something?

I would've imagined they were all the same (or based on values, not based on $$ of work completed - that's now how insurance excess normally works).

kletis1, Jul 3, 6:17am
isn't it 1 or 2% of the value of the repairs.I reckon some will be in for a shock when they get their bill for say $400 and looks around and at shonky plaster and paint job.lol.

robyn35, Jul 3, 6:53am
gymee did you get an over cap payment, so $113500. If so then yes you do have to pay an excess to your insurance co, they will want the full $115000. Its not double dipping as you never paid the excess to start with

dazmanb, Jul 17, 4:04am
I received a bill two weeks ago asking for $200 excess, today I received another bill asking for $400 excess on the same property lol.

tarn146, Jul 17, 4:19am
How many claims did you make? A guy in the paper said he had made a claim after the Sept EQ, then rang them after the Feb one to say the crack had got bigger. He was charged for 2 claims!

nzmax, Jul 17, 7:27am
my understanding would be that part of the damage was apportioned to Sept EQ, part of the damage apportioned to Feb EQ, as the guy said, so technically 2 claims, even though the repair for both claims was done once. I was cash settled and had 2 excesses deducted even though the damage was apportioned to the Feb EQ only. Depending on who you talked to at EQC, either. excess were payable for any claim made whether or not damage was apportioned to the claim, OR. excess was only payable to a claim with damage apportioned to it. I asked multiple times to have this clarified once and for all, but always got one answer or the other.

kletis1, Jul 17, 11:39am
lol lol. I can only sit back and wonder what kind of excess bills my old neighbour will get.Everytime EQC was on the radio telling us to make another claim after a major quake,she was on to them.It was a total sham from day one,as were all these repairs.My own mother got her bill. $34000.And we did her repairs through a contractor.I was paid around $9200 and we did all the work bar planing @2 doors,and rehinging some windows.The brickie walked away with $5000 for 10 metres of crack repairs that took 8 hours.Would love to know where the other $$ went to.Actually,most houses we repaired were really f all yet had huge price tags.

family007, Jul 18, 9:15am
Got our letter today. $400 excess on two claims totalling just over $23000!
Relieved its only $400!

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