Gloucester St/Gayhurst Bridge opening

When will the bridge in Dallington be open?

melvis4, Jun 26, 9:17 pm

The way things are done in Christchurch ,the answer is probably "when Gerry decides"

bugsy23, Jun 26, 9:49 pm

Sometime in July I think. There was something in the Pegasus Post about it on page 3.
Then click on the Pegasus Post paper

kiwi_gem, Jun 27, 10:21 am

try september 01st 2015 then you might be close (if the weather permits).

jamie2016, Jun 29, 3:23 am

its all finished bar the handrails too be fitted then i guess they open, don't think the lights cnr are going back tho. but the bridge is very high this time going too need good run up this time going over it .

grad111, Mar 24, 3:33 am

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