Brendon Reid Stiven leaving EQC

drcjp, Mar 19, 4:14am
Wonders never cease. Question is why now?
Jumped or pushed?
How many shredders needed. or none at all?
So many questions?

slimgym, Mar 19, 5:33pm
well the money could be just about dried up now.
People are starting to look at what has happened over the last four years, might not be a pretty site

rexonion, Mar 20, 4:52am
The only reason the money would be dried up would be due to all the Rip Off Claims in the last four years!

batty211, Mar 20, 5:56am
HAHAHAHAHAHA you mean like the major city firm that got paid close to $80,000 to put 6 piles in and redecorate a tiny house WHICH had to be redone (they used untreated timber for piles etc) by an opt out contractor who was only allowed $28 000 to put it all right. You mean like those Rip Offs eh?

kletis1, Mar 20, 7:15am
when people get their bill for their excess. then they will see how much was spent on their house,and how little got done.I know one main contractor that got paid $32000 to tape and plaster some cracks and paint just the walls and ceilings of a four bed house.Crazy!

puddles11, Mar 20, 7:35am
When the true extent of all the shoddy patch-up jobs done across the city is revealed, all the rats will have long jumped the ship.

cloffie, Dec 29, 7:57am
and the contractor who got paid $10,000 to remove an open fireplace and to replace with linea board

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