tool_shop173, Jul 3, 8:22am

garryb, Jul 3, 8:29am
A couple of years ago I would have had a rather angry response to a statement like that. Now I just want something done. Anything, just make a decision and get on with it.

articferrit, Jul 3, 8:30am
What about bulldoze the town hall and use the money on the cathedral?, solve two problems at the same time.

blb71, Jul 3, 8:32am
Agreed, time to move on. Out with the old and in with the new!

serf407, Jul 3, 8:54am
How about building one multi-use facility, cathedral and town hall in one?
Built to a really good specification.
Call it the Christchurch Opera House or something.
Yes, I have been in the Christchurch Town Hall and appreciate the special qualities of the building.

corogirl, Mar 2, 1:26pm
Same crap is going on up here with the Kopu bridge. These things have a *use by* date move on.

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