School choice. Opinions please?

buzzy86, Jul 18, 6:35am
Looking at enrolling my daughter in either Kaiapoi High school or, Rangiora High school. Which is better and why? Thanks.

jamesnmatt, Jul 18, 6:38am
If you aren't in zone for Rangiora you have missed the cut off for the ballot. If that's the case, then the decision is made for you.

buzzy86, Jul 18, 6:57am
Oddly enough we apparently fall into both , so im told.

llamanut, Jul 19, 5:09am
good luck with that

saskianz, Jul 20, 12:38am
Lots of changes happening at both. I don't have a child at either one but talk to other parents. Kaiapoi appears to be coming ahead with a change in leadership and I know of one lovely young person who left recently who had a good experience and speaks well of it. A poor past reputation did make it less popular, but needs reconsidering now.

Probably also look at how convenient the transport is with regards to time etc. It's a long time dealing with the daily commute and quite frankly, kids will settle into school.

buzzy86, Jul 20, 1:24am
Thanks for the help saskianz

chatsmom, Jul 20, 3:08am
Ask why many in Rangiora have their children bus into Chch each day? A friends daughter left last year from Rangiora due to bullying & the school did nothing.

indigojo, Jul 20, 4:19am
my kids are still at primary school, but will probably go to Kaiapoi High (especially as its within walking distance). I have friends with kids there, they are happy with the school and the education the kids receiving.
The school does some pretty cool things, they have a musical coming up with the hospitality students doing meals before hand; the building class are building a whare on site (expected to be complete next year).
Have a look at both school websites, go along for a visit, see what your gut feel is, and what subjects are on offer for your child.
Remember, like any school, kids get out what they are willing to put in.

onzy, Dec 11, 3:16pm
I have two children who attend Rangiora High and it works well for both of my children. One is very academic and the other one not so much. Have not heard of any bullying going on.
I went to the open evening at Kaiapoi High and didn't come away from it feeling very positive. But as op stated it seems to be going ahead.
Think about what subjects each school offers, Rangiora has a lot of land based subjects and owns its own farm. As it is a bigger school, it probably has more subject choices. Think about what size school would suit your child also.

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