Help finding tradesman to fix spouting.

annet4, Jan 24, 10:40pm
Why is it so hard to get things done? People who don't return your call or who don't turn up. I've been trying for months to get my spouting fixed. Maybe the job is too small. Part of my P.V.C. spouting has popped out at a joint. I know I probably need it all replaced but I'm not in a great financial position at the moment. Can anyone recommend a reliable person please? Thanks in advance.

skutother, Jan 25, 1:27am
Why don't you try Hire A Hubby they may have someone who can fix it for you.

corkranb, Jan 25, 1:53am
Tradesmen of good repute are in terrific demand and we can pick and choose what we do these days. To get in your vehicle and drive to a job that requires a quote to find the job is a very small one and there is a good chance the owner doesn't accept your quote so you have wasted your time. If they do accept the quote then you have to drive to a supplier to get the materials, drive back to the home owner do the job that only takes an hour or two has basically killed your whole day where you could have been earning decent money for a full days work. Simply small jobs don't pay enough for good tradesman to even bother chasing.

ryelands1, Jan 25, 2:14am
Hire a hubby. Took 3 weeks to get someone out to quote job. A week later still waiting for the quote . And was a good 2-3 days work available as well with on going work ahead. What upsets me is they say they will get quote to you the next day but yeah right. If they don't want the hjob why dont they just say "no thanks".j

annet4, Jan 25, 2:31am
That's fine for tradesmen to pick and choose, but this isn't something new. It seems to be well known fact that tradesmen are very unreliable. If they don't want the job, tell people! Simple. Especially if you advertise 'no job is too small'! Then people like me won't be sitting round waiting.

corkranb, Jan 25, 3:08am
Yes while I agree what you say. I turn up when I say I will turn up almost to the minute. I normally type a quote and email it that night so it is all official and there is no mistake what the client is requesting. I am actually turning work away at the moment as I am concentrating on new home builds.

47toby, Jan 25, 9:32am
Have you tried Builder's Crack? Go online and register the job. Never had a problem getting jobs done that way. :)

devine-spark, Jan 26, 3:27am
Handy Andy?

jen367, Feb 2, 2:04pm
spouting replacements just did mine 400 and new downpipe. good job.

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